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Anything is a Pupsicle With Your Dog!

Get ready to unleash the tail-wagging flavors of summer with your furry best friend! We're here with delicious recipes and helpful tips to make this summer unforgettable for both you and your pup. Grab your sunnies, enrichment toys, and matching bucket hats, and let's dive into a world of sweet, frozen summer memories!

Keep Your Furry Friend Cool

Summertime can be a real scorcher, so we've got some cool tricks up our sleeves to help your pup beat the heat and have a blast.

Hydration is key, so make sure to keep a bowl of fresh water always within the paw's reach. Whether you're at home or out and about, a travel bowl (or an upside-down Zisc if you're a pro) is a must-have accessory. Watch out for increased panting, as it might be a sign that your furry friend is trying to tell you they're feeling the heat.

When the sun shines bright, do the sizzle test! Place your hand on the ground outdoors. If you can't hold it there for more than ten seconds, it's too hot for those adorable toe beans we all love so much. Protect your pup's paws by finding shady spots for your adventures, or wait until the ground cools down at dawn or dusk!

Did you know that dogs are crepuscular animals?! (No, that doesn’t mean they like crepes) it means they're more active at dawn and dusk. So when the sizzle test tells you it's too hot for a mid-afternoon adventure, indulge in a guilt-free couch potato day and some indoor play with your furry companion!

Enrichment Toys for a Playful Summer

Enrichment toys are the perfect way to keep your pup's mind sharp and their tails wagging with delight! They provide your pup with a sense of independence and control over their environment, all while relieving stress. Enrichment rewards your pup with a surge of dopamine, relaxing them and building positive associations with strange situations. Let's explore fun ways to keep your pup's brain engaged and their spirits high.

Make it HOOMAN friendly!

Try adding 2 cups of your favorite yogurt, ice cream, or dairy alternative, and a scoop of vanilla protein powder!

Make it HOOMAN friendly!

Want yours a little sweeter? Create a simple syrup using equal parts water and sugar. Simmer for 10 minutes and let cool. Then, mix in your fruit puree and enjoy!

Make it HOOMAN friendly!

Add pineapple juice and a splash of lime. If you aren’t a fan of coconut, try condensed milk instead! Pour it into a popsicle mold for the kiddos, or blend it up to create a refreshing Pina Colada Mocktail!

Make it HOOMAN friendly!

Reduce, reuse, recycle…(shhh, more like steal the rest of the ingredients to make yourself ice cream!) Replace dairy with ...

14 oz condensed milk,
2 teaspoons vanilla
2 cups heavy cream.

Mix condensed milk and vanilla together in a chilled bowl and place in the fridge. Whip heavy cream until stiff peaks form. Combine ingredients. Mix in the fruit leftovers and place in the freezer overnight. Enjoy!

Nutritional Fun Facts

Berrylicious Smile: Strawberries whiten teeth and boost the immune system.

Pineapple Power: Bromeliad in pineapples soothes summer allergies, sprains, and bruises.

Blueberries: Antioxidant that adds Vitamin C and aids in cardiovascular health.

Watermelon Splash: Hydrating and low-calorie, perfect for hot summer days.

Marvelous Goats Milk: Improves gut health and aids in recovery from illnesses.

Coconut Milk Magic: Supports bone health and fights inflammation but avoid if your dog has pancreas issues.

Greek Yogurt: Wonderful source of probiotics for gut health, and fights yeast infections!

Kefir: Another excellent source of pre & probiotics to aid in digestive health.

You can treat your pup to delicious snacks that bring joy AND health benefits all summer long! So go ahead! make those frozen snacks, explore new enrichment toys, and let the summer vibes fill your days with bonding and laughter. After all, anything is pupsicle whenever you're with your pup!