Comfy Dog Beds for Every Pup

At the end of a long playday — or when it's time for an afternoon nap — our pets deserve somewhere cozy to curl up. West Paw makes dog beds, mats, and blankets designed for more snoozes, more happy sighs, and maybe even, more snores (shh).

So do you choose the right bed for your pets? (Yes, kitties are welcome on these beds, too!) Our classic HeyDay dog beds offer low-profile access to a comfortably plush pillow — great for puppies, senior dogs, or injured pups, but perfect for all pets as a special resting spot that's all their own. Our Big Sky Naps are a versatile, comfy bedding option that goes wherever you and Fido do — ideal for dogs who travel with their owners, to the office or the outdoors. And our Big Sky Blankets are handy as a furniture protector, from the couch to the car. They also work well as a cozy, snuggly cover-up to keep your pup feeling safe and warm. 

Our comfy dog bedding is responsibly made in the USA. At West Paw, we're committed to sustainable practices and safe materials. Plus, everything we make is built to last. No matter which of our comfy dog beds you choose, you can rest easy — almost as easy as your pup — knowing that they're curled up on a bed that's good for them, the environment, and the community.

Bed Maintenance Tips and Washing Instructions