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Treat Pouch review (from a professional trainer)

West Paw Treat Pouch

We sent Tanya Lim, CPDT-KA, (a certified professional dog trainer specializing in positive reinforcement training), our treat pouch and full line of treats for her unfiltered, honest review! This is what she said...

treat pouch made from recycled materials

As a certified professional dog trainer, I don’t carry a ton of supplies or equipment with me, but there are definitely a few staples that I need to make sure that I have on hand every single day! 

As you might have guessed, some of these staples include a durable and functional treat pouch and a variety of healthy, high-value treats to reward my canine clients with.

Recently, I have been experimenting with, and testing out, a variety of different treat pouches and treats, not only so that I feel up-to-date with the latest innovations in the space, but also so that I can feel confident when recommending them to my clients.

As a positive reinforcement dog trainer, I always want to make sure that the treats we are providing are adding to my canine client’s health and diet, instead of taking away from it! 

This is how I discovered the Outings Treat Pouch and yummy treat varieties from West Paw!

When selecting any treat  pouch, the first thing I usually look for is something roomy enough to fit a bag of treats, a small toy, poop bags and my phone, since these are all the things that I absolutely need during training sessions and on walks with my own dog. 

So, I decided to give the Outings Treat Pouch a try and I couldn’t be happier with it! 

It has enough space to fit everything I need, it’s super lightweight and easy to clip on, I love the fact that it’s made from recycled materials (and with eco- consciousness in mind), and last but not least, it looks super cute on. 

A couple of extra things that I appreciated over time are:

  • The fact the I can quickly and easily open the pouch by pulling the corded loop (as opposed to a zipper), since I often need to act fast and reward quickly when training dogs in the presence of distractions;
  • The fact that the hinge automatically snaps back closed once I move my hand out, since I wouldn’t want to forget and leave it open, and the next thing I know, there are treats spilling everywhere!

I’m very happy that I discovered it and have been using it daily ever since.

West Paw Treats

One-ingredient organ meat treats

As for  West Paw’s treat variety, I was excited to give them all a try as well! :)

When I pick new treats to use during training, I typically gravitate towards air or freeze-dried treats made out of real meat and organs, as they are healthier, typically made out of a single-ingredient, and less processed.

It’s also very important that the treats are small in size and easily breakable (without being too “crumbly”), because I often need to deliver treats at a high rate when first teaching new skills.

I was super impressed with the fact that all the meat and organs in the West Paw treats come from humanely and sustainably raised animals while using drying and airing technologies that preserve important vitamins, minerals and proteins! 

Knowing just that made it so much easier to recommend these treats to my clients who I know care about what they are feeding their dogs as much as I do. 

The air dried bison collection has been my favorite to use for stuffing food dispensing toys such as the puzzle variety from West Paw since they are tougher and very enticing to work for. 

And the beef heart and liver treats are an absolute high-value staple for me! (and our picky cats wanted to join in and grab a bite, which rarely happens.)

I tend to use higher-value treats when training with canine clients in difficult or distracting environments that require some extra delicious motivation to train with us! I have to say that they worked like a charm! :)

I have been recommending the West Paw toys for years (the Toppl has been an absolute favorite of mine) and I’m so glad that I discovered their Outings Treat Pouch and amazing healthy treat variety as well! 

I’m constantly impressed by the quality and thoughtfulness that goes into creating each and every one of their products. Thanks West Paw!

Tanya Lim, CPDT-KA, is a certified professional dog trainer and the founder of Family Pupz, a Dog Training & Doggy Doula Services Company, based in Denver, CO. 

Tanya specializes in positive reinforcement and force-free training and she works with puppies and adult dogs and their families, teaching everything from basic manners to helping resolve behavioral issues. And, via her award-winning Doggy Doula® service, Tanya helps expecting families and their dog(s) prepare for the introduction and integration of their baby into their home and their lives.

To learn more about her services and offerings, including information about their podcast, The Family Pupz Podcast, you can visit their website at