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Join the Loop®

Zogoflex® and Seaflex® toys can be recycled into more of the things dogs love—Toys.

After your dog's favorite toy has been thoroughly loved, chewed on, retrieved, carried, buried, dug up, and cuddled, just send it back to West Paw. Old toys are sanitized, ground up, and fed back into our machine to make completely new, bouncy, bright Zogoflex & Seaflex toys. Nothing diminishes the strength of Zogoflex or Seaflex—it can literally be recycled infinitely.

The more we get back, the greener Zogoflex & Seaflex get. You can help us make Zogoflex & Seaflex a zero-waste product when you Join the Loop®.

Granny Smith Hurley Dog Toy


Just mail us any used Zogoflex or Seaflex toy with your preferred shipping method, and we’ll do the rest.


West Paw
32050 Frontage Rd
Bozeman, MT 59715