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Proud to Guarantee all products.

We’re in it for the wags. 

Dog life is rowdy. Our products are ready. Our chew toys welcome big chomps, our beds invite dog-tired flops, and even our deceptively fluffy Rowdies® hold up to rambunctious play.

We guarantee our stuff is not only tough, but thoughtfully well-made. We don’t guarantee it’s totally indestructible, because normal wear and tear is, well, normal, but we bet you can’t find anything that lasts longer, tastes better, or performs smarter (while being oh-so-sustainable). Just don’t let your pooch use their dog bed as a chew toy—that’s what chew toys are for! (Pro tip: chew toys will also save your furniture, shoes, books, and, well, basically everything, while being kind to your dog’s teeth.)

If any product isn’t living up to its intended purpose, check in with the retailer where you bought it first so they can show you something that works better. If you’d like, we’ll replace it with something better suited to your dog’s behavior (one time per design). If you’re outside the US, your retailer will handle this for you.

The Scoop: 

- We’ll replace toys, treats, and accessories that aren’t up to snuff within 6 months of your purchase. Replacements are limited to once per design, per household.

- For malfunctioning beds, we’ll swap in a replacement one time within 12 months of your purchase, limited to once per household.

- We request a valid receipt or proof of purchase to honor our guarantee.  

- Our products are made for real life, not forever—our guarantee isn’t for normal wear and tear.

We’re a small, Montana-based family business that prioritizes people and the planet over profit. We stand for quality and want to make any wrongs right. Please treat our policy as reasonably and respectfully as we do.

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Terms and Conditions

West Paw reserves the right to issue a replacement or an alternative product based on each individual situation. One-time replacement per household per toy design (not per purchase). Valid receipt required. If approved, replacement orders will ship within one week of submission.

International Customers: Please visit the retailer from which you purchased the product for a replacement product.

"Because we make everything ourselves in our own Bozeman, Montana-based facility, we have complete control over every step of our manufacturing process. This means we are 100% confident in the durability and safety of everything we make. So, it's only natural that West Paw now guarantees every single one of our products."

Spencer Williams, Owner, CEO, and Dog's Best Friend