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The Scoop

Why Does Toppl Have a Hole Anyways?

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It’s a good question and worth revisiting...

We spend so much time plugging it with carrots, peanut butter, strawberries, hairballs, etc. we forget why it is there in the first place!

Toppl is an epic, revolutionary, multi-use enrichment tool! You can increase or decrease the difficulty for your pup to shake up mealtimes. Here are some of our favorites usages…

Let’s get ready to RUmble!

Take your Toppl size of choice, grab some dry kibble or treats and put it to work as a slow feeder (or treater)

This revolutionary puzzle toy was specifically designed without a flat bottom so it, well… topples around. It’s made to be nosed, pawed, and nudged around while yummy bits rhythmically drop out of the hole and over the rim.

It’s interior soft, rounded inner teeth slow your four-legged family member down by gripping treats in place until your dog coax’s them out.

Its contoured shape helps your dog pick it up in its mouth and carry it to their favorite rug to be worked on in peace


It takes two to make a thing go right

Toppl’s inner ridge around the lip is great for smearing peanut butter, but its true use is to interlock two different sizes of Toppls together! This works with S + L Toppls and L + XL Toppls

Simply fill with treats, push and twist the two sizes together and let the games begin!

The linked toppls rumble around, releasing a steady drop of tasty chunks that send your pup on a merry chase full of rumbling fun.


Layered Doggy Dip

Toppl is the perfect vessel for some peanut butter action, but when you’re ready For an even harder challenge, grab your trusty Toppl Stopper to fill & freeze combinations of nutritious fillings. It can be as simple as kibble and water or as extravagent as you like! When in doubt, follow the three layer rule.

In the bottom layer, put a high value protien, kibble, or a beloved treat! Something your dog will be thrilled to dig out, keep them engaged, and reward them once they reach the bottom!

The second layer is composed of your pup’s favorite liquids and spreadables! Bone broths, probiotics, goat’s milks, pumpkin, peanut butter, and more!

Top your Toppl with fresh veggies, nutritious chews, or that pesky leftover treat dust at the bottom of the bag.