Puzzle Toys for Canine Enrichment

Our pups are smart, and deserve to flex their mental muscles along with their physical ones! While a bored pup might find some, ahem, unhelpful, ways to stay entertained, dog parents can provide canine enrichment to help keep those minds happily occupied with the positive mental outlet of a puzzle toy — aka, tasty treat dispenser.

What exactly is canine enrichment? This buzzword means caring for our dogs' need to explore their natural instincts through engaging, stimulating environments. Just like us, dogs are happiest when they're doing what they love — physical play, chewing, fetch, tug-of-war, and romping with their human pack and favorite canine companions. Canine enrichment is all about allowing our dogs to, well, simply be a dog.

We can help Rover get right to that happy place with a puzzle toy! West Paw's durable puzzle toys offer various challenges, boosting positive mental stimulation for a wide variety of dogs. Each toy is uniquely designed to hold and dispense healthy treats, supporting problem-solving skills for all levels of chewers. And like all West Paw's products, our puzzle and treat toys are durable, safe, responsibly-made — and fully backed by our Love It Guarantee.

For beginner puzzlers, fill a toy with kibble that will fall out right away. The experience will spark curiosity and motivation while growing their desire to try something new. For intermediate puzzlers, use treats that won't fall out without a bit of effort. This encourages dogs to find a solution for themselves. For advanced puzzlers, fill the toy with spreadable treats, like nut butters, yogurt, or raw foods. You can also freeze the treat-filled toy for a longer-lasting experience and a more exciting challenge.

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