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Tips for Smooth-Sailing, Pet-Friendly Travel this Summer

Have Dog. Will Travel.

It’s that time of year again. Time to pack up the family (including the furry members) into the car and head into the great outdoors. Besides pumping your tourist dollars into  local  economies,  another  great  way  to  support  My  Country, ‘Tis  of  Thee,  is  to  buy  American Made goods, like pet products from West Paw. Happy kids and pets make for an even happier road trip, so plan ahead!

Unlike kids, pets can’t tell you  they’re  hungry  or  need  to  stop  at  the  restroom  (or  local  fire  hydrant). So,  if  you're  considering taking your pet on your next road trip, these travel tips can help ensure that everyone’s journey will be safe and fun! And  don’t  forget  to  do  your  part  and  take  care  of  Mother  Earth  when  traveling.  Recycle  whenever possible! Your recycled plastic bottles might make their way into our next dog bed!  




Keep ‘em Close and Safe

Be  sure  to  pack  a  leash  or  two  to  keep  your pup  restrained  and  be sure to walk them every few hours. Don’t forget the waste bags!  


Keep ‘em Comfortable

West  Paw’s  lightweight  Big  Sky  Nap®  is  a  super  easy-to-clean mat that travels easily between condos and cars. Fits in a standard crate.  The  Big  Sky  Blanket® is  a  great  option  too! Drape  the  blanket  over  your  car  seats  to  protect  from  dirt,  drool, and dander. Both Nap and Blanket get softer wash after wash.

Entertainment & Exercise

Tuck  some  guaranteed  Zogoflex®  toys  into  your  travel  bag.  West Paw’s Treat Toys entertain while helping to relieve any travel anxiety. Pop  some  West  Paw  treats  inside  Qwizl®Rumbl®Tizzi®, Toppl® or Tux® for hours of fun. And when you all need to stretch your legs toss a high-flying Zisc® dog disc (which can also double as an on-the-go water bowl) or a Jive® dog ball around to get them some much needed exercise. And remember to bring extra treats too!