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West Paw is pleased to offer our best-selling Zogoflex® and Zogoflex Echo® dog toys for export. We ship to European and Middle Eastern customers from our warehouse based in Rotterdam-Netherlands. All other customers will be served from our Montana-USA location directly.




What is Zogoflex?

Zogoflex® is an amazingly durable, non-toxic, recyclable plastic used to make our tough dog toys. Zogoflex comes in bright, easy-to-spot colors, are guaranteed tough, floatable and flexible. Zogoflex is made from recyclable material and creates virtually no waste during our manufacturing process. Zogoflex dog toys are made in the USA and dishwasher safe, BPA and phthalate-free, FDA compliant (meaning it’s safe to eat off of), and CE marked.

Classic Zogoflex® includes our chew dog toys: Hurley®, Jive®, Tux® and our play dog toys: Qwizl®, Zisc®, Būmi® Toppl® and Tizzi®.

Differences between Zogoflex and Zogoflex Echo?

Similarities: Zogoflex Echo have a lot in common with our traditional Zogoflex collection. They're made with the same Zogoflex material, so they're durable, BPA & Phthalate-free, 100% recyclable and float.

Differences: Zogoflex Echo toys have completely hollow centers so they are extremely squishy. Unlike our traditional Zogoflex toys which have solid cores, Zogoflex Echo toys are great for puppies and senior dogs more sensitive teeth!

Global Exports - Frequently Asked Questions

Looking to Export West Paw products?


Looking for West Paw Zogoflex dog toys?
View our export map for availability in your country.

Where can I get more information on becoming an exporter/distributor?
To gather more information on exporting and distribution, please contact us direct at: The West Paw Export Manager and our expert staff will be happy to provide you information.

Why don't you offer all of your products overseas?
Zogoflex and Rowdies durable plush are our best-selling and most demanded products. Due to the high cost of shipping, it is cost-prohibitive for us to offer our beds and certain fabric toys to our international partners at this time. For more information, please contact

Do you have images for us to use?
Yes. We have a variety of photos for you to use for marketing and advertising purposes. For any lifestyle photography needs we have a limited number of images available for use, please email to request an image(s) and we’ll send you what you need.

Do you have videos we can embed?
Yes. We have a variety of videos for you to embed on your website or blog. Simply visit our YouTube International Channel.

Looking for More Information About the Zogoflex® Collection?

Are all of your products made in the USA?
Yes. All Zogoflex and Rowdies durable plush dog toys are made in the USA.

Can I recommend your play toys (Bumi, Zisc, Tizzi, Skamp, Zwig, and Rowdies) be left alone with a dog?
No. While our play toys are made of the same safe Zogoflex material as our Chew toys - Hurley, Tux and Jive, our play toys are meant for supervised and interactive play between a pet owner and their dog.

What are the best toys for dogs who chew up their owner’s belongings (shoes, socks, furniture)?
We recommend our very durable chew toys for dogs who love to chew. Our chew toys are extremely tough and meant to satisfy the need to gnaw.