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We're committed to decreasing our environmental footprint—er, pawprint—while increasing our positive impact

West Paw is proud to be family owned and operated since 1996. Since the very beginning, we've incorporated thoughtful design into our eco-friendly, easy-clean toys, beds, leashes, and collars. We care about every step in the process—every hand and paw that goes into product design, testing, manufacturing and enjoyment.

So how do we define "responsibly made?" It means we manufacture everything with care using safe, sustainable materials that are better for the earth, for our workers, and for our pets. And it means our entire team of passionate pet people are valued and cared for as part of the West Paw family—from our American production teams, to our select domestic and international partners who deliver exceptional quality with ethical practices.

For you, it means you can trust that you're purchasing high-quality pet products made with passion and integrity. Everything we make is long-lasting, lovingly handcrafted—and always safe for pets, people, and the planet.


A safe and sustainable material that's 100% recyclable. Made from 88% zero-waste Zogoflex, 12% reclaimed ocean-bound plastic, and 0% bad stuff. No latex. No Phthalates. No BPA.


Zogoflex toys might be the most fun a dog can have, because they last and last! Our USA-made proprietary formula, this plastic blend can be ground up and recycled into more bright, bouncy Zogoflex toys. Plus, it's just about indestructible — if your dog does chew it up, we'll replace it for free.


Guaranteed to last | Easy to clean | Non-toxic and safe | Infinitely recyclable | Zero-waste manufacturing


Perfect for comfortable dog beds and plush toys, IntelliLoft® is made entirely from recycled plastic bottles. Our exclusive eco-fiber washes completely clean. IntelliLoft has diverted over 16 million (and counting) plastic bottles from the landfill—turning them into the stuffing of pets' dreams.


Fluffy and cozy | Machine washable | Non-toxic and safe | Made from recycled plastic bottles


Our freeze-dried treats are created with a high-pressure pasteurization process (HPP), subjecting each piece to pressures greater than what you'd find in the bottom of the ocean. This removes the presence of any bacteria or pathogens, while maintaining nutrients and preserving the flavor your pup loves!


Additive and preservative-free dog treats | Safely freeze-dried for flavor and nutrition


Our freeze dried beef treats are made with American Grassfed® beef.  AGA standards guarantee 100% grass-fed diets (no grain finishing), free-range grazing on pastures (not feedlots), no antibiotics or growth hormones, and all animals born & humanely raised on American family farms.


Grassfed | Pasture-raised | Family farms | Free of antibiotics or hormones


West Paw's freeze dried duck treats come from Maple Leaf Farms, where their commitment to ducks' wellbeing has set the industry standard for ethical duck care all over the world. Duck from Maple Leaf Farms is raised cage-free and vegetarian-fed on sustainable family farms in Indiana.


Humanely-raised duck | Healthy and delicious | Sustainable farming practices

Made by us. Designed for the love of pets and the planet.®