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The Scoop

June 23rd is Take Your Dog to Work Day!

National Take Your Dog to Work Day, is celebrated annually on the Friday following Father’s Day and this year it will be on June 23rd.

What is “National Take Your Dog To Work Day”?

National Take Your Dog to Work Day began in 1999 as a way to celebrate companion dogs and to encourage adoptions. Leaving our four-legged pups behind as we head to the office, can be rough on them, okay, uhhhh, us, so, a national day that encourages us to bring them to the office? Consider us in!

Dogs are pure love so it’s pretty obvious they will make even the most mundane meetings magical. So, as you run out the door, don’t forget your laptop, as well as these office essentials for your furry pal:




Toppl® Treat Toy

If you bring one thing (besides your dog) to the office, make it a Toppl. The ultimate, dog-occupied, your dog will be so busy toiling at their Toppl they won’t even notice you working on your TPS report.

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Big Sky Nap®

On average dogs sleep 12 - 14 hours a day (don’t  judge) so while you’re busy bringing home the Bison Treats (more  on that below) they need an eco-friendly spot to rest their heads. This lightweight, one-piece bed fits nicely in crates and on back  car seats so it’s easy to transport to and from the office.

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Lunch Time Bowls & Mat

Don’t forget your doggy deserves their lunch break, too. West Paw makes a doggy place mat for messy mutts to place  their no slip bowl on top of to help you keep your work area tidy.

Seaflex® Bowls & Mat

Bison Treat Time

While you’re working to bring home the bacon, start  doling out our Air-Dried Bison Lung Dog Treats. They have a  chewy but sturdy texture that is easy to break into smaller pieces  s o they  fit perfectly inside Toppl's soft, rounded inner ‘teeth’.  Toppl’s contoured cavity holds treats in place until your dog  nudges them out. Giving you more time to concentrate!

Bison Heart Treats


While bringing your dog to work is fun, it’s also a privilege and isn’t right for every dog. Here are some things to consider before you bring your dog to work!

  • Check with your HR department for vaccinations policies.

  • Review your schedule. If your day is filled with meetings, it might not be the day to bring your pup in.

  • Can your dog be quiet? Will they be able to go through a day without whining, crying, barking or growling?

  • Check in with your colleagues. Do they have allergies? Are they fearful of dogs?

  • Find out where the canine-friendly zones are. Are pets allowed everywhere? Even in break rooms and meeting rooms.

  • Ensure you have time built into your day to take your dog outside to relieve themselves and for some exercise breaks.



Ruth, our resident German Shephard, bounds out of the car and dances into work excited to start her busy day full of naps, greeting people who walk by, being super adorable, brokering big sale deals for the company, and begging for treats. On her way in, she is greeted by her work friends Oz, Levi Tate, Keeva, and Hoss!

June 23rd is #TakeYourDogToWorkDay! But how do you get your dog working class ready? We asked some of our resident expert office dogs (and their hooman managers) for their must-have toys, tips, and tricks to make the transition from couch potato to working class a breeze.


Levi Tate and His Manager Leigh

Levi Tate’s Picks: I love Big Sky Naps and Qwizls! They are the perfect combo for a comfy & happy dog at work! Big Sky Nap makes a great crate mat, it’s the perfect amount of cush while still being very easy to wash after a hard day’s work. Pair that with a Qwizl stuffed with a bully stick keep me busy between snoozes.

Leigh’s Advice: Crate training!  Having my dog comfortable & content in his crate makes it super easy to bring him to work. He feels safe & secure in his crate (AKA The Snooze Hut), and I know I can easily leave my desk, and he won't be a bother to my co-workers. My co-workers know they can always come up and say Hi! but he is not in their space while they are trying to get work done.


Oz and His Boss Jordan

Oz’s Picks: Oh, I’m a BIG fan of Zwig and Skamp; the hollow core pleases my chewing style, and they work great to keep him engaged and excited at the Office. I also pack my Toppl in my lunchbox to make my meal breaks last longer!

Jordan’s Advice: The key for me is keeping him happy while in his comfy crate, which also includes a Heyday bed, the occasional treat (his favorite is the Bison Lung and Bison Heart), and a couple of walks around the West Paw building!  His absolute favorite is rolling around on the low-pile West Paw carpet right after he comes out of his crate. He loves to put on a show for the other dogs and humans in the office!


Keeva, and her Superior, Dan

Keeva’s Toy Pick: Our pick is definitely the Sailz. Of all the disc designs we have had over the years, the Sailz flies the best. Keeva is, first and foremost, a disc dog. I like that the Sailz is soft, too, because Keeva tends to jump and catch it midair. My accuracy is not always spot on, so having a flexible and softer disc that won't damage her teeth really helps.

Dan’s Advice: My best tip is to spend the extra time (and/or money), if necessary, on training. If you are going to have your dog in an office setting, you have to trust that your dog can handle the environment of an office and will respond to your commands.


Ruth, and her Boss, Lady Sarah

Ruth’s Pick: Our pick is definitely a Rumbl - Small or Large. When it has treats it keeps her busy, and I use it to give her some mental stimulation throughout the day - I do have to be careful that it doesn't roll too far away… she is on a leash attached to my desk and has moved the whole thing when trying to get the Rumbl! She’s a German Shepherd, and they can be a little anxious - she likes to squish it in her mouth like a stress ball, and that has been really helpful at work! Her Rumbl calms her down and helps her settle in for the day! She also tries to get everyone to play fetch with it because it is very ball-like.

Sarah’s Advice: If your dog has a favorite toy at home, have the same toy at work. Ruth is happiest when she has her Rumbl; having one at work helped her get more comfortable in the office. Also, set a limit on how many treats co-workers can give your dog! I swear Ruth trained our customer service team member to give her a treat every morning when he arrived. Don’t forget, It’s okay to ask people to give your dog space or to give them a break – especially when they are still adjusting to the new environment.


Hoss and his manager, Amy

Hoss’ Pick: We make sure Hoss uses his energy positively so he can relax when we get here. Sometimes that's a Toppl, sometimes chasing his Sailz or letting him play with his Rowdie toy for engaged play each morning. Hoss is pretty chill for his breeding, but it's nice to give him a little something to do while I'm working on things that require a lot of my attention at the office and keep him from getting bored. We love the Quizl and the Funnl for this on really busy days at work! 

Amy’s Advice: My biggest tip is to know your dog! Hoss and I have built a unique connection over our years together and through practice in different situations and environments. Just like it takes a kindergartner a little bit of time to learn their new school routine, it took a bit for Hoss to adjust to coming to work, too. I started just bringing him on half days or bringing him in on days that I knew would be quieter at work. Now, he's excited to come in almost every day to see all of the paw-fessionals at work!