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Pup Wellness Challenge: Structure

Like children, pets also need structure and schedules Implementing a routine back into their lives today will help make the transition back to “normal” easier when the time comes.

 What can responsible pet parents do to help?

If you are lucky enough to have a dog at home while quarantining, home-schooling, or working, they really got use to having you around. Now that their humans are returning to work and school, dogs need to learn how to be alone again.
The suggestions below are meant for dogs who normally do well with being alone. If your dog has always acted out when alone, e.g. has destructive behavior like chewing on things they're not suppose to, barks incessantly etc., we recommend asking support from a certified dog trainer or dog behaviorist.
Dogs Need Alone Time

Alone Time

If you normally leave your dog at home alone, then find time to give him some alone time. We all need it right now!

Don’t allow your dog to follow you everywhere in the house.

If you are not able to leave the house right now, go to another room in your home and close the door, discouraging your dog from following you.

Take a short walk around the house without your dog once and a while.

If you get back (or you come out of the room), be calm and don’t make a huge fuss or it will cause excitement and restlessness.

Occupy and reward them with a treat toy when you’re away.

  • When you leave the house or go in another room, give your dog a toy filled with treats. Try Toppl, Qwizl or Tux, to give them a positive experience during your absence.
  • Be aware of your dog's chewing behaviors. If you have a dog that is a tough chewer then choose a more durable treat toy like the Qwizl or Tux. Always be sure to supervise your dog with any new toy.


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