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4 Easy Ways to Keep Your House Clean With Pets

Muddy Dog

4 ways to keep your house clean.
Yes, even if you have a dog.

by Dog Lifestyle Expert, Samantha Meyers

If you share your house with a dog you are likely familiar with the mess that comes along with it. Whether your dogs are small, large, furry, or short hair, dogs who love to play inside or out, there is going to be dirt, dust dander and drool to consider. And while you may have accepted that doggie dirt is just part of the deal, there are some must clean items that will help keep you and your dogs healthy, clean and comfortable.

Machine Washable Dog Beds

#1 Dog Beds and Mats

If your dog’s are anything like mine, they spend a lot of time in their dog beds and they don’t apply any rules to help keep it neat or tidy. A dog bed is the perfect place to relax after a good romp outside or to wipe dirty paws, it’s a great place to chew a toy or to relax and take a drool-filled snooze or to collect half eaten snacks. It can be a hotbed of germs and bacteria, because your dog keep it warm and moist. So for all of those reasons, it’s important to keep your dog’s bed clean.

When choosing a dog bed make sure you have one that is washing machine safe or can be easily wiped down like the HeyDay Bed®. I love this bed for for my dog’s crates. For deep cleanings, throw the entire bed into the washer and dryer. Wash fully assembled or remove bolsters and wash bed parts individually — however the bed fits best in your washing machine. This will save you money and mess in the long run.

Another great option is the Big Sky Nap® perfect for people who love to travel with pets to the office or into the outdoors. I also love being able to get a spare so I have an extra on hand for laundry day (or if I don’t have time for laundry day!)

Wipe down your dog’s bed as needed and then do a full wash about once a week or every other week depending on how clean your dog is. I also like to try and line up bath day with bed day so my washing efforts are not in vain.

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Dishwasher Safe Dog Toys

#2 Dog Toys

Dog toys spend their life in the mouth of your dog or on the ground, which doesn’t make for the best combination. Some toys just have to be replaced when they have hit their maximum level of gross, but many can be cleaned. Stuffed toys can be wiped down with a damp cloth and those (without holes) can be put in the washing machine- just beware that many have plastic parts that make them unsafe for the dryer.

Recyclable dog toys like the Zogoflex® toys can be put on the top shelf of your dishwasher which I love! And is especially great for food-stuffed toys which I never feel like I am getting clean enough by hand.

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#3 Dog Bowls

Remember when I said you could put dog toys in the dishwasher? Well that is a perfect time to also put your pet’s bowl through the dishwasher as well. It’s important to wash your dog’s food and water dish regularly. I wash them by hand on a regular basis – with a dog specific sponge. But at least once a month it’s great to get a deep clean by spraying them down with a vinegar solution or by running everything through the dishwasher including your “dogs only” sponge. Make sure of course that your bowls are dishwasher safe. I also like to run this wash right before I do a cleaning of my dishwasher (with vinegar and baking soda.)

#4 Dog Crate

Your dog’s crate, like their bed is a great place to collect all kinds of dirt, dander and drool. Luckily they are easy to wipe down and clean. Remove your dog’s toys and bed (perfect time to clean those too!) and wipe down the crate using a dog-friendly cleaner. Spray down and allow to sit for 10 min to disinfect. Wipe clean and allow to dry fully before putting your dog’s belongings (or your dog) back in.