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Which of Our Dog Beds is Best for Your Pup?

Dog mats are so versatile that more and more people are choosing to get these mats in addition to their dog's night-time pillow bed. These durable, long-lasting dog mats are perfect for catching dirt and providing a little extra cushion no matter where your dog is hanging out.

West Paw has two styles of dog beds, the Big Sky Nap® and the Heyday Bed®. Both dog bedsdd come in multiple size options and have an added layer of cushion (made from recycled IntelliLoft® fibers) sewn right into the mat. Big Sky Naps are designed for dogs who travel with their owner to the office, to the campsite or spend time in the car. The Heyday Bed offers more cushion and low profile bolster pillows for extra comfort that is perfect for short-legged puppies or older dogs that may have a hard time getting in and out of bed.

Big Sky Nap™ Heyday Bed


If you are looking for the perfect travel bed for your dog, be sure to consider a dog mat. They are so easy to carry and move around and always provide your dog a familiar place no matter where you go.


All dog mats from West Paw were sized to fit in standard dog crates. Your dog will thank you for the extra padding... and if there is an accident or if the mat gets a little dirty, you can throw the entire mat into the wash. You'll love washing these dog mats! For the ultimate cushion, try a Heyday bed or stacking two of the other mats in the crate... now that's super comfy!

5 Star customer review of dog mats Mats are Best in Show!

By: Michele - Fort Worth TX Nov 06, 2009

"These mats are utterly fantastic. I have 6...yes 6! My favorite is the cow hide style but also have the cherry red, blue, and green. My rhodesian ridgebacks absolutely love these, they wash up great; they're wonderful to put in either wire or plastic crates. It's also fabulous to find quality produce actually made in the USA. Customer for life!"




We constantly hear from our customers how much they love to use our mats in their cars and trucks. The dog mats are so easy to take in and out, so easy to clean, helps protect the interior of the car from dirt and hair, and gives dog's extra cushion too.

Around the house

When you are home, your dog's favorite room of the house is the room you're in! If you are cooking, your dog wants to be hanging out in the kitchen too. If you're watching TV, your dog wants to be there too. If you're sipping lemonade on the front porch... yep, Fido wants to be there too. Since flat mats are so easy to move around, people love to have some for the house. If you know dinner is going to take a while to make, bring along the dog mat and give your furry buddy a comfy spot to lounge.


Dog's love working more than humans do. If you are one of the lucky few that get to bring your dog to work with you, certainly consider a flat mat. It can be tucked away easily on days where Fido calls in sick, and brought back out to give your dog a comfy place to keep watch over the office on those days he punches in with you. Can an office have a better greeter than a dog?

5 Star customer review of dog mats Absolutely Awesome!

By: - Hollywood, Florida Apr 27, 2011

"I usually do not review things that I have bought online and I know it took me years to do so, LOL! This is the best made, best to wash and dry and my three doggies love them in their crates! I am going to buy three more because of the colors. No because of bad workmanship. Pahleez!!! They are made in the USA!!!! What more could you ask for???? The best part. I had forgotten where I had gotten them it's been so long! But when I tripped up on the website I remembered it because of the name and the description of the materials it is made from. The prices, well worth it. They last a long, long time. West Paw-KEEP UP THE GREAT WORK!!!"