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How to Choose the Right Size Bed for Your Dog

Our Dog Beds Are Dreamy

You have lots of options when searching for the perfect bed for your dog. There are so many shapes and sizes available that it’s no wonder the process can make you tired. Here are some helpful tips to help you choose the right bed for your canine companion. Below are two question to ask yourself.

  1. Does your lifestyle require you to take your dog's bed along with you to the office, camping, road trips? Then a lightweight, easy to wash, crate-friendly mat will be your best bet. Check out our Big Sky Nap®.This one-piece dog mat comes in a variety of standard sizes, and in a beautiful, super soft and cozy fabric with an eco-friendly padding hand-sewn inside.

  2. Are you looking for a cozy bed for your pup to rest in your home? Then our Heyday Bed® is perfect. With pillowy, low-profile bolsters, this bed is easy to get in and out of (perfect for puppies and older dogs) but provides a padded center to keep them up off the floor.

    Big Sky Nap





    Big Sky Nap®

    Our most comfortable and versatile dog mat yet. Super soft faux suede on one side, stylish fleece on the other. Perfect for people who love to travel with pets to the office or into the outdoors. Stylish and sustainable, Big Sky Nap is filled with eco-friendly IntelliLoft® fill made from recycled plastic bottles.

    Heyday Bed®

    Handcrafted and made in Montana with a soft, textured top and micro suede bottom. The Heyday bed's center is extra stuffed with IntelliLoft®, a safe eco-friendly fill made from recycled plastic bottles. Pillowy sides are low-profile so short-legged, older dogs, and puppies can easily find their new favorite snooze spot.


    Size Your Dog Up

    Before you decide on a bed, observe your dog’s sleeping habits. Do they like to curl up in a ball or sprawl out? Do they always tuck themselves in a corner, or do they lay down in the middle of the room? Do they look for the most comfortable cushion they can find, or does your dog flop down anywhere, including the hardwood floor? If your dog likes to stretch out, you may want to consider buying one size larger bed than what is suggested.

    West Paw offers beds for any personality sleeper, from quality mats to lofty and luxurious pillowy beds. For miniature toy breeds, small dogs, and puppies, our smallest beds, the Big Sky Nap, measures approximately 19”x14” and is available in home decor friendly colors. For large dogs, multiple dogs, or dogs that just love having room to spread out, look at our Extra Large (XL) size in both the Big Sky Nap or the Heyday Bed. Whatever your size dog, we’ve got you covered!

    Does Your Dog Prefer to Snooze on Your Sofa?

    If your dog prefers to sleep on your bed, sofa, or a cozy chair, we offer a convenient way to protect your furniture from dirt, dander, and doggy hair.  Just throw our Big Sky Blanket over any furniture to create a super cozy space. When needed toss our Big Sky Blanket in the washing machine.


    West Paw’s Big Sky Blanket gets comfortably in the middle of dogs and dirt. This dog blanket is perfect thrown on couches, chairs, or car interiors to keep them clean from dander, dirt, and drool. Made with smooth faux suede on one side and a soft fleece fabric on the other. Gets softer wash after wash.