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Baby sea otter has good taste in dog toys

Aniak is the proud mother to a baby Northern Sea Otter at the Seattle Aquarium. This new baby girl arrived January 14th, 2012 and a month later was already starting to explore her surroundings and beginning to swim. At the time of this photo, this little Sea Otter still had not been named. What was known was that she had taken to playing with her water dog toys: Zisc and Tux from West Paw Design! These dog toys are great for water play since they float... and are good for otter play since they are so durable!

Our human friends at the Seattle Aquarium have shared in the past that they love that the toys are so durable and float. It is evident that the otters find the toys fun, but we are told the otters especially love the Tux dog toy when it is stuffed with shrimp - who wouldn't love that?! Yum!

Does your dog spend the day playing in the water? Take the advice of our Otter-ly good friends and get a durable water toy from West Paw!

Baby Northern Sea Otter with the Zisc dog toy