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Care Instructions for Dog Beds

Need to clean your dog's bed?  
No problem - our hand-crafted beds were designed to be washed again and again.  

Wash, dry, snooze, repeat.

The Heyday Bed® with Microsuede® has such amazing, durable fabric that most spots and spills can simply be wiped up with a damp cloth.  For deep cleanings, throw the entire bed into the washer and dryer.  Wash fully assembled or separate and wash bed parts individually — however the bed fits best in your washing machine.  

  • Machine wash on COLD/COLD.

  • Machine dry on LOW heat or AIR DRY.

Our Big Sky Nap® is in one piece so it can be easily tossed in the washer and dryer. No need to disassemble. Just wash, dry, go! The Big Sky Nap's fabric gets softer after every wash.

  • Machine wash on COLD/COLD.

  • Machine dry on LOW heat or AIR DRY.

Important Notes:

If there is a tear in the covering, or if an area of weakness is noticed, be sure to have these areas fixed or replaced before washing. When drying our larger size beds, be sure that the bed is freely tumbling.  If one area of the bed is pushed against the heating element and does not rotate, the heat could damage the fabric. Be sure to "zip close" any zippers. This helps protect the zipper during the wash and gives it a longer life. 

Want more hints?  

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