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The Scoop

World-class pet toys and beds made in the USA

We are often asked, "Why does West Paw choose to manufacture pet products in the USA?" This is a question I enjoy answering, because all of us at West Paw share a passion for what we do!

West Paw Design is a company that becomes more unique every day. Not simply because of our outstanding products, quality and service, but also because we design, manufacture, sell and ship our pet products all from under one roof -- in Bozeman, Montana, USA. That's right, our dog toys and pet beds are all made in the USA.

We have talented and hard working employees who labor over the finest details of production, shipping and customer service. We value our team atmosphere that leads to creative breakthroughs in our product development, business and manufacturing processes. At our core, we are a true manufacturer who makes products rather than simply writing a purchase order for goods from overseas.

A great example of our innovation and conviction is our Zogoflex® dog toys. When developing the Zogoflex material, many assumed that purchasing injection molded toys from China would be the only practical option. However, we instead decided to put our confidence behind our Zogoflex® material and great designs and buy an injection molding press. We moved the press to Montana and have made the toys here ever since.

This also made sense from an environmental perspective. We thought it foolish to ship raw material to a foreign country only to ship products back to the USA from that country, all the while expending a lot of energy and carbon emissions throughout the process. Furthermore, we engineered Zogoflex® to be recyclable, reducing waste and helping the environment.

Today, many people are concerned about toy safety for children and pets. 2007 has been filled with news of potentially harmful products. For pet toys, one article, as reported by Consumer Affairs, describes the levels of heavy metals, such as lead, in pet products.

"Since lead builds up in the body, it is the total accumulation over time that is harmful." Quoted from Consumer Affairs

Making our products in our own factory gives us a great deal of knowledge and confidence in our product safety. Relying on an off-site factory leads to many uncertainties.

Without compromise, we make great products for pets. It is our honor to be a unique company that does what we say. We are proud to manufacture the best toys and beds and know that by providing the best, safest products we make pets and their people very happy.

Spencer Williams
President, West Paw Design

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