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Top 5 reasons to walk your dog

To pee or not to pee? Despite how many times a day you may be taking your pup out, there are many reasons to put on some sneakers and head outside. Here's our top reasons (that's not a potty break) to take a stroll.


1. Training Opportunity

If your dog is a puller, the only way to foster good leash manners is to practice on a regular basis. Don’t forget the tasty Treat to offer as positive reinforcement and a Outings Treat Pouch to conveniently hold the treats.


2. Mental Stimulation

Exploring different locations keeps dogs engaged by providing Fido the opportunity to explore new sights, sounds and smells. A happy dog is much less likely to shred your favorite shoes.


3. Strengthens Your Bond

When you explore new environments with your pup this can help build a trusting and strong relationship. Being a leader and protector encourages your pet’s confidence in you and strengthens your bond as a team. 


4. Keeps Dogs Healthy

All dogs regardless of their breed and age need physical activity. Exercise will keep their weight in a healthy range and prevent or alleviate a host of health problems.


5. Good for you too.

Regular walks can help you manage various conditions and improve your own health. Daily walks with your pup is a great way for you both to live a long and happy life.


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