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Best Dog Toys For Separation Anxiety

How To Help Dogs Who Suffer from Separation Anxiety

Five Tips to Keep Anxious Pups Calm, Cool, and Collected

Separation anxiety for dogs is real. There are several ways to help dogs settle down so you can do what you need to do - guilt free! West Paw makes durable, eco-friendly, and dish-washer safe, treat, puzzle, and mentally-stimulating dog toys that will keep their minds occupied. Like human children, most dogs calm down in about 20 minutes after separation. If your dog does suffer from separation anxiety, below are five tips to keep dogs minds occupied and worry-free.

  1. Keep Calm. Try not to give your dog too much attention for the first few minutes before you leave and arrive back home.
  2. Keep an Old T-Shirt Handy. Leave your dog with recently worn clothes that smell like you.
  3. Leave the Radio on. Some dogs find hearing voices and noises to help them feel less lonely.
  4. Treat them with a Tizzi, Toppl, Qwizl, or TuxSimply fill it with their favorite food & let them at it. By the time they're done digging out the treats, they won't even remember you're gone (no offense).
  5. Come up with a word or action and use it every time you leave to signal to your dog you'll be home.


Good luck and remember, dogs are smart and pick up on your energy. So stay calm, cool and collected, too!