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West Paw Launches With Petco

Petco Launch FAQ

Watch an interview with Spencer Williams, West Paw CEO and President with Pamela Mitchell, Editor-In-Chief of Pets+ Magazine

When will Petco begin selling your products?
  • will start selling in the second half of June
  • Petco stores will begin selling our products later in July
What products are you selling at Petco?

For a complete list click here

  • Zogoflex® dog toys
  • Zogoflex Echo® dog toys
  • Custom Formula Creamy Treats will begin selling those plus:

  • Specific Rowdies® with HardyTex® and Zogoflex® Chew Zones: Jefferson, Custer, and Fergus
  • All Outings® Collars and Leashes
  • All Strolls® Collars and Leashes
Will you be selling your new Treats at Petco?
    Yes, we will be selling our creamy treats, however, there is a difference. Petco will have two custom formulations/flavors of creamy treats.  The new Peanut Butter and Banana and Beef Liver and Pumpkin Creamy Treat flavors will be available to order for independent retailers beginning on June 19.  Petco will not be carrying any of our freeze-dried treat flavors.
Are your products still going to be guaranteed if they are bought at Petco?
    Yes, we will still provide the best guarantee for quality and consumer satisfaction. Customers will go through the same return process they do when they buy from any retail partner.
Why Petco and not other large retailers?
    We review each and every business partner's decision with diligence and thoughtfulness and after a lot of consideration and conversations, we realized we shared similar values about pet health, wellness, and safety.  Like so many of our retail partners, Petco shares a vision with West Paw of promoting wellness for pets.
Why NOW (during Covid-19 etc) did you choose to partner with Petco?
    The time was right for us to work with Petco as we are confident we can successfully meet the demands of this relationship without compromising the exceptional service we strive for with all of our 5300+ retail partners around the world.  Petco has continued to evolve their position so that they are more acutely and actively focused on providing high-quality foods and supplies to consumers. This is a match to West Paw's work to bring the best Made in USA toys, treats, and accessories to consumers who do not yet know of our brand.
Will my local Petco be selling your products?
    Yes.  West Paw products will be sold in all Petco stores across the United States. Please feel free to look at our retailer locator on as it includes all of our retail partners that carry West Paw products (and find your store as well!)  
Will you ever start moving away from Pet Specialty and only sell to "big box"?
    No. West Paw will remain committed to our pet specialty partners. We believe that the independent pet specialty channel is critical to providing safe, sustainably-made West Paw products to like-minded customers around the world.  Like any business, we must adapt to the changes in the market to grow at a reasonable rate, invest in innovation and technology.  And at the end of the day, we want to bring more of our responsibly made products to more pet owners.
Will your toys be sold at the same price we sell them for?
    West Paw cannot & does not tell retailers at what price to sell our product. However, West Paw's Advertising & MAP Policy applies to all retailers and we do enforce our MAP policy uniformly.