General FAQs

Ever wonder if you were the first person to ponder a question? Well, if the question you ponder is regarding our website, you can look below and see if you were the first or not! We hope you find an answer to you're pondering question! If not be sure to contact us.


How does the Zogoflex Guarantee work?/ How do I get my free replacement Zogoflex toy?

If your dog damages one of our Zogoflex products, we will honor a one-time replacement or refund of your toy. It is that simple. Please visit our guarantee page and fill out our Zogoflex Return form and learn more.

Is Zogoflex safe?

Yes. Zogoflex is BPA-and-phthalate-free, non-toxic, and FDA-compliant. Made in Montana from US-sourced material. As with any toy, we always recommend supervised play with your pet and to remove any damaged toys from your dog.

Are the Zogoflex toys really tough?

Yep! We track our return rate and we get less than 1% back. If your dog can damage it, we'll give you a one-time free replacement or money back guaranteed!

Stuffed Beds:

What is the best way to wash my bed?

We recommend that you wash the outside cover by removing the cover from the internal components and wash on cold/gentle cycle and tumble dry with no heat. If your internal components must be laundered, wash internal components while still in the cover. If an entire bed must be washed, we recommend a front-load washer on a cold/gentle cycle and tumble dry with NO HEAT. This will help protect the delicate internal fluff. More washing tips...

How do I determine what size bed to buy for my pet?

Believe it or not, but just like different people have different sleep styles and preferences - so do pets. So while it is important to know your pet's general size and weight, it is equally as important to consider your pet's sleeping style. Read more about choosing the right bed for your pet...

I need to buy a replacement bed part and need help - what bed part do I need?

Not only do we have a webpage that has quick easy links to all the right bed parts for every bed, but we also have a few great videos that show you how to re-assemble your bed after you get a new part (or after a quick wash). Read more on our Bed Parts Help page...

Flat Mats:

Should I buy a mat or a stuffed bed?

Mats and stuffed beds serve two different purposes. The flatmat is great for your dog crate or just to throw in the back of your vehicle while traveling. The stuffed bed is great for a comfortable sleeping area in your living room and bedroom. More tips for choosing the right dog bed...

How should I wash my flat mat?

Flatmats can be popped in the washer (the whole mat) and then put in an low heat tumble dryer. Easy!

General Questions:

Where is my order?

Be sure to check your email for our automated confirmation emails, which send your tracking information as soon as it becomes available. Of course, you may always contact us.

What is your product guarantee?

We have a manufacturer's warranty on all of our products against defects in materials and workmanship. We also have more inclusive guarantee programs on our Zogoflex Dog Toys and Pet Beds. For more information, please visit our Guarantee page.

How do I track my shipments?

Our system is set up to send you three followup emails. The first order acknowledgment email is sent immediately after placing your order on our website. The second email is sent after we have processed your order and provides you with an estimated ship date. Our third email confirms that your order has shipped and includes tracking information. If you have trouble receiving any of these emails, please contact us - we're happy to help!

Retail Questions:

I'm a retailer and I need help?

Please check out our Retailer FAQ page for all retailer related questions.