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New Challenge: Dogs are getting more excited due to lack of sleep and over stimulation

On average, an adult dog sleeps 12-14 hours a day, and puppies up to 18 hours a day!

With family members at home now more than ever, and increased household activities, many of our dogs could be suffering from lack of sleep. With this lack of sleep can come behaviors we’re not used to seeing with our dogs—they might seem more irritated, jumping, growling or generally just too excited. They simply don’t know how to behave when they are so tired, anyone with a toddler can attest to this.

Nap Time.

Like their two-legged companions, dogs also need time to recharge. We need to give them the opportunity to rest and be patient with behaviors they are exhibiting that we might not like.

Encourage resting time and discuss with the whole family.

If the dog is sleeping on their dog bed or designated doggy resting place, no one is allowed to disturb him there.

If it is too difficult for your dog to withdraw, you can help them by offering a treat toy in their designated space away from the daily fray. Most dogs will then also sleep for a while after they finished the treats.


Safe space to recharge and sleep.

Help your dog by giving them an easily accessible but low traffic and quiet space where they can escape the chaos of the day and rest. Their dog bed or a crate (preferably covered with a blanket like a hole) in the corner of your living room or maybe even in another room.