For dogs who like toys with a challenge.


Designed for Moderate Chewers this fun feeder bounces, rolls and wobbles.

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Award-winning puzzle toy designed for the Toughest Chewers.

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Our toughest treat toy. Fill it with broth or gravy and freeze for a tux-cicle.

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For Moderate Chewers. Combine small and large for more challenge.

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Built for Moderate Chewers, it's fun to tug, shake, fetch, and hides treats.

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Like humans, dogs need mental stimulation

It keeps their brains sharp and their days interesting. Pop one of our nutritious treats into one of our West Paw puzzle toys for a challenge AND a reward.

Remember no dog toy is indestructible check out our online guide to know which toys are best suited to meet your dog’s chew and/or play needs.