West Paw® and Earth Animal® teamed up to design THE dynamic chew duo for dogs—an enrichment toy that holds a No-Hide® Chew and takes its gnawsomeness to a wholesome new level. Together, they create dopamine-boosting stimulation that dogs crave, need, and love.

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Too Much Energy?

More physical exercise isn’t always the right answer. Some dogs are extra excited and can exhibit neurotic behavior. Enrichment combos like Funnl + No-Hide Chews are a perfect solution to channeling their energy and settling their minds.

Teething Adolescent?

Puppies will chew on anything. But that doesn’t mean they should. Puppies chew because it makes their gums feel better. They need to chew.

Senior dog with
mobility issues?

Older dogs can get a lot out this chew duo. The Funnl helps them hold the No-Hide Chew upright between their paws and gives them a fun challenge without having to work too hard.

Curing Boredom

Just like humans, dogs need mental stimulation–it keeps their brains sharp and their days interesting. Pair West Paw Funnl™ and Earth Animal® No-Hide® Chew for a challenge and a reward. (Best day ever.)

Safety First


While they have great digestibility and made with wholesome ingredients, we still recommend all dogs be given a No-Hide® that’s appropriately sized, and to always be supervised.‍

Pick chews that are larger than their mouth. That way, they have to work at it, gnawing it down slowly. This prevents aggressive chewing, gulping, and breaking off of large pieces. Your pet’s safety is what’s most important, so chews wisely!


Always supervise a new toy. When it comes to a toy your dog has never had before, always watch your dog interact with it for a bit to see how they do. (Even if they just want some me-time.) That said, you’re already on the right track: West Paw’s toys are 100% safe and non-toxic.

Unsupervised use is risky. This toy is built safe and tough but no dog toy is indestructible.

Sizing for safety

We recommend choosing a chew that is larger than their mouth. Not sure what that means for your pet? Let our handy chart be your guide. When in doubt, please size up!

10-39 lbs.
Use small No-Hides

40-69 lbs.
Use medium No-Hides

70+ lbs.
Use Large No-Hides