aka: "Mini Mingo"
8.5" tall


15.5" tall


Hand sewn stuffing-free dog toy, Mingo is boldly pink and shaggy chic and will infuse a big dose of sillyiess into playtime. Dogs can go wild with this flamingo shaped dog toy that squeaks and has fun, fluffy pompons on the head and tail. Mingo measures in at 15.5” for larger breeds and Mini Mingo measures in at 8.5” for smaller breeds.

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Customer Reviews

Mingo - Large

December 15, 2018

Picked this out as a replacement for another toy that the squeaker had broke. It's super cute, but within a day or two, the squeakers where both broke and the fabric was torn. (My pups are 9lbs and 12lbs.) By looks, this is the cutest toy, but unfortunately, it didn't hold up.

- KatieT -

Favorite toy of my picky dog

February 07, 2018

We have two dogs who both love these sweet, super soft toys. One of the dogs would play with any toy and the other is very picky! Our picky girl has decided these are her favorite toys. She is more playful, happy and bouncy when these toys come out than with any other. They are the perfect size for her to flip around, but not so big that she is intimidated or put off, as she often is by bigger, stuffed toys. Thank you, West Paw, for making our picky girl's favorite toys!

- Granola's Mom -
Philadelphia, PA


January 26, 2018

My gentle standard poodle adores Mingo; he is her favorite of all her West Paw toys. Unfortunately there is a problem with Mingo's construction and the proclivities of my dog. She loves to make Mingo squeak, and as a result of the squeaker being inside thin fabric with no padding around it, the part of the squeaker that protrudes has edges that eventually cause a hole that gradually enlarges and becomes dangerous. We have been through three or four Mingos now, and much as my dog loves them, I hesitate to purchase another. How about somehow insulating the squeakers with some padding? Then Mingo would be a Perfect Toy!!!

- Vicki -
Lancaster, PA


August 13, 2017

Chase, my black lab/border collie mix loves all of his floppy toys. He has the giraffe, Quack the duck, and now large Mingo. He is not a chewer and happily just carries them around and stores them in his crate. I'm sure he especially likes the large squeaker in Mingo.

- JC -

Perfect addition to the hoard

November 07, 2016

I barely got the tags off the small flamingo before my youngest Westie stole it from me. He was so excited to have another of these toys to add to his collection. He has had the little West Paw squeaky dogs since he was a puppy and he carries them around, hiding them in various locations throughout the house and yard. Now there is a flamingo added. I actually bought the flamingo for our rescue dog, but he wouldn't have it.

My dog doesn't chew his toy, so I cannot speak to its durability in that respect, but it has withstood a month of weather outside being buried before he brought it back in. Still looks great.

- Laura -


October 03, 2016

It took our miniature dashound 12 minutes to rip out the squeaker.... and just a few more minutes to rip poor Mingo to shreds....so NO MORE cloth toys for her....We'll just stick to the Jive toys

- Mark Beasley -
Murfreesboro, TN


June 19, 2016

It is our Border Collie's lifelong mission to search and destroy all squeakers and stuffing. As the one who cleans it up, I appreciate toys with no stuffing like this one. The squeakers were swiftly dispatched (very happily torn out and crushed). As the one who listens to them, I did not mind their short time with us. Mingo will live out the rest of his life as a much loved toy for fetch.

Overall, Mingo is adorable but the fabric is thinner than other West Paw toys we've gotten (e.g. a reindeer from a couple years ago that washes up great and is still alive with a couple patch jobs). We'll probably stick to the more durable toys for our chewer.

- Amelia -
Key West, FL


March 01, 2016

For no reason I can fathom, my dog loves this toy above all others. Except perhaps his two S toys from West Paw. Good job West Paw!

- susan -

Mingo was his first toy..

June 22, 2015

... and he's still in love- 10 months later!! We got it for our rotty-boxer mix when he was seven weeks old and he still loves it. My dog is, like I said, part Rottweiler, and he certainly has the Rottweiler jaw strength- he can chew up anything. However, Mingo is his baby. I highly recommend!!

- rolomama -
New Jersey


January 21, 2015

This is my dogs all time favorite toy. She digs for it in her toy box and carries it everywhere. Nothing else compares to "her baby" the pink Mingo! I've looked online for years trying to find one in case she lost hers. Hers is an older color but this new color should work fine. Can't wait until it's here!

- Jessica -
Salt lake city