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Why your dog needs enrichment toys


Okay, I’ll bite: what are enrichment toys and why do active dogs need them?

“Dogs are simple creatures, really.” —someone who’s never had a dog

Canine brains are always buzzing. And when there’s a sudden lack of people to greet, deliveries to announce, and naps to take, their brains need something to do. Like rifle through the trash! Or bark at all the squirrels! Or eat your favorite Chelsea boots!




Enrichment toys to the rescue

And that’s where enrichment toys come in. Enrichment toys are toys that grab doggie brains and keep

them engaged—safely, and without destroying your stuff or boredom barking. Enrichment toys range from irresistible chew toys dogs to puzzle toys that are the equivalent of a doggy Wordle.


A brain and body workout for active dogs

On days where you just can’t make a walk happen, enrichment toys will give your dog a brain and body workout. That’s right— an hour of chewing burns an incredible amount of calories! Pick Jive® or Rumpus® for dogs with gnawing stamina.


Enrichment toys soothe stress

For canines of every age, chewing enrichment toys offer the ultimate de-stressor. Chewing releases dopamine, a calming, feel-good neurotransmitter. (And of course, it keeps pooches chewing on safe and durable delights like Tux® instead of, say, your rare books collection.)

Toys for puppies tip!

You’d think you’d want tiny chew toys for puppies, but go bigger to avoid choking (or swallowing the whole toy). Pick Hurley® or Drifty®—they’re flexible enough for smaller dogs to wrangle, but durable enough to stand up to those razor-sharp puppy teeth. And if they grow up before they can chew them out? Grown-up dogs love these classics, too.


Active dogs love solving puzzles

A toy that kicks out a treat when you figure out how to work it just right=dog nirvana. Throw some dry kibble or treats in a Tux®, and you’ve got a simple challenge a puppy or beginner puzzler can try. Load up a Qwizl® with creamy treat, and you might even make it through that conference call without so much as a yip.

Mentally stimulating dog toys make life easier

Heading back to the office? Toys like Tizzi® are especially calming during big changes for dogs. Consider offering a puzzle treat when you’re ending remote work or having guests around the house again to turn an anxiety-inducing moment into a less barky, pleasant one.


Ready to level up?

If your dog is working a complex gourmet concoction out of a Rumbl® in short order, maybe you’re both ready to for an advanced challenge? With two enrichment toys combined, you can craft a next-level puzzle for big-brained canines.

In our next post, learn how to double the challenge, double the enrichment, and double the fun for your smart furbeast.


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