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The Scoop

How to mix and match enrichment toys to keep canine brains happy!

For dogs who are already enthusiastically solving all the puzzle toys you can throw their way, it’s time to take it up a notch. How? By taking one puzzle toy, combining it with another toy, adding a treat, and boom—cue the canine graduation ceremony to the next level.


A quick heads-up on enrichment toy combos

Many dogs relish this two-part challenge. A good starting place? Two toys and some dry kibble or treats. If they dig it, you can graduate to trickier, stickier or frozen treats they really have to work for.

But all dogs are different. If your dog doesn’t love toy combos, that’s okay! Toy combos are probably too hard for puppies and adolescent dogs—their brains are already absorbing so much. Doubled-up toys may also be too hard for an adult dog under stress. If your dog seems frustrated or gives up altogether, just stick with one toy for now, and try again later.

But if your brainy canine is wagging and ready? Let’s find her perfect pairing.

Enrichment toys that were made for one another (literally!)

The Double Rum

You can mix up this creative cocktail of a challenge in two shakes of your dog’s tail. Take a large Rumbl® and pop in a dry treat, one that’s too big to fall out the breathing hole. (Creamy Treat works too!) Then, plug that treaty treasure in there with a Rumpus®, so that your dog has to work the Rumpus® out to get the goods. Shake (to build anticipation and let your dog know something’s in there) and enjoy!

Shop Rumbl® and Rumpus®

The Rumbly in My Tumbly

Same idea as above (throw a treat in the Rumbl® and trap it with the Hurley®) but if you already own a Hurley®, swap that in, instead. Feeling too tricky? You can make this combo a little easier by adding some dry kibble that falls out of the hole to keep your dog trying.

Shop Rumbl® and Hurley®

Topp of The Class

West Paw buffs already know that a small Toppl®  fits perfectly into a large Toppl®  for a top-shelf treat challenge. And dogs know you can pack a lot of goodies in there. Practically a whole meal! (Our canine consultants insisted we mention that.) 

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Jive Topplin’

Jive® is such a classic—already a great interactive toy AND chew toy—add a Toppl® and it becomes an enrichment toy, too. How? Just schmear a little creamy treat into Toppl®, hide it with Jive®, and the game is afoot. Well, a-paw. A jaw? Definitely a-fun. 

Shop Toppl® and Jive®

One good toy deserves another

For dogs who really crave a brainteaser or just need an extended distraction (hello houseguests!), toy duos save the day—keeping them happy, entertained, and out of trouble. But there’s actually a third secret ingredient that’s too important not to mention (again, our canine consultants insisted we bring this up)…

Enrichment toy combos call for treats

What motivates dogs to solve these double-trouble puzzles? The treats inside! Our line of wholesome, responsibly made treats ensure that the goodness your dog is going for is actually good for them. One whiff of our Air Dried Bison inspires dogs to tackle their treat challenge with gusto, and even a sneaky lick of Creamy Treat keeps them trying if it’s a toughie.  

Find more wholesome treats for enrichment toys.