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Information about West Paw and Target

Information about West Paw's Target Partnership

Thank you for supporting West Paw, it means a lot to all of our employees and has allowed us to continue to deliver on our Vision and Purpose.

We leverage our pet toys as the vehicle to do better by the planet, grow and hire more American-workers and provide safer, fun choices for pet parents. As a family-owned and operated business that employs approximately 65 American workers, this opportunity allows us to deliver a more positive impact.

We appreciate your partnership and will continue to provide the level of service and quality you've been accustomed to from West Paw. Customers who shop pet specialty are seeking out your expertise and relationship that only stores like yours can provide. The atmosphere and attention to service that you provide, a large store, like Target, cannot do. We respect and appreciate your ability to uniquely serve your customer and provide the expertise they seek.

We strongly believe that the more people see the brand out there the more they are inclined to buy it both locally and online in other stores aside from Target. Over the years, as we grow and add new retailers, we see the products selling better in our specialty stores. We look at both being in-store and online as well as a benefit to the brand visibility and trust that will help all retailers.

We understand some of you may have questions about our decision to sell a limited number of Zogoflex toys to select Target stores. Below, please find more information. And as always, feel free to contact us:

Q: Is this going to be a long-term partnership?
A: Like any business partnership it depends on the success of the relationship. But that is our hope and goal.

Q: When will Target begin selling your products?
A: The select Target stores and will begin to sell select SKUs on August 17th.

Q: What products are you selling at Target?
A: West Paw will sell 6 select SKUs in approximately 250 Target stores. We are constraining the product set to six SKUs in Granny Smith and Melon colors that are simple to understand toys for the shopping experience in a Target store. These six Zogoflex toys are products that were introduced over a year ago and some were introduced over a decade ago.
These SKUs include:

    • Small and large Hurley
    • Small Zisc
    • Small Bumi
    • Zwig
    • Small Jive

Q: Why only the Granny Smith & Melon color?
A: We are limiting the SKU count in Target as we balance relationships with all our retail partners.

Q: What other large retailers do you sell to besides Target?
A: Since 1996 West Paw has sold to Pet Supplies Plus and over the years added other national retailers such as Pet Supplies Plus, PetValu, Ace Hardware, and Whole Foods among others.

Q: Will you be adding more SKUs? If so, when?
A: As of right now, we do not have any plans to add more SKUs.

Q: Do you have plans to sell your beds, leashes and/or collars?
A: As of right now, we do not have any plans to sell our beds, leashes & collars.

Q: Are your toys still going to be guaranteed if they are bought at Target?
A: Yes. Customers will go through the same return process they do when they buy from us or any other retail partner.

Q: Will your toys be sold at the same price we sell them for?
A: West Paw cannot & does not tell retailers at what price to sell our product.
However, West Paw's Advertising & MAP Policy applies to all retailers and we do enforce the policy.

Q: How do I find out if my local Target is selling your toys?
A: We have recently updated our retail central locator, please feel free to look there as it includes all of our retail partners that carry West Paw products (and find your store as well!). The store locations for Target will be posted at the end of August. Please contact customer service if you would like to know before then.

Q: Is West Paw going to "market" this news and announce it to your consumers?
A: As we will only be sold in approximately 250 Target stores, we will not market this news besides sending press releases to pet trade publications.

Q: What about Target, are they going to announce their partnership with West Paw?
A: Not that we are aware of. However, anytime one of our partners shares the news of a West Paw partnership we appreciate the support.