Big Sky Blanket®

Storm Blue
Coffee Bean

Measures 27" x 21"
Great for covering a chair seat.


Measures 56" x 38"
Great for covering the couch seat


Measures 73" x 56"
Great for covering the human bed


- Faux suede on one side, silky soft fabric on the other
- Machine washable and dryer safe (gets softer after each wash)
- Durable and home decor friendly
- Available in three sizes to protect against messy situations

Our Big Sky Blanket® is the perfect throw to protect couches, chair or car interiors from dander and dirt. Made with smooth faux suede on one side and a silky soft fabric on the other. Keep your home looking stylish and eliminate unwanted pet fur from furniture by using this luxurious new blanket wherever your pet chooses to lay its head. Machine washable and dryable.

Limited edition Red Crimson Ice is only available during holiday season.

Protect and Cover

Whether your furry friend likes to lay on a chair or on the bed, our Big Sky Blankets come in sizes to cover all those favorite spots and keep the pet hair on it and off the furniture. 

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Customer Reviews

Life Saver for the Bed!

September 04, 2018

West Paw, you've exceeded my expectations again! Our dog has dribble-y incontinence issues and after multiple bed changes we knew we had to change what we were doing. The sueded side is tough & not slick so it went next to the comforter. She laid on the fleecy side. We have them for other applications but I'm glad we thought about the Big Sky! Now that this works, Miss Leaky Bottom won't have to deal with our original set up of the washable (& somewhat slippery) pee pad with a blanket over the top, especially since she did not like the texture and it failed us so many times. Many Thanks!

- Stephanie B. -
Washington, D.C.

our labs chew the label area

April 14, 2018

Love these blankets, but both of our labs have chewed the corner with the label. Just ripped it. they sleep on them every night, but I do not think the durable quality is sustainable. thanks

- sally stucker -

Our Labs

April 19, 2018

Hello Sally,

We're sorry that your pups damaged the Blanket! We do offer our Love It Guarantee, which is a one-time replacement or refund. Please just visit our website at: 



- West Paw -

The quality you expect from West Paw Design

April 02, 2017

Very pleased with this blanket. We went with the medium size as one of our dogs loves to drag her blankies around the house. Even with this wear and tear the blanket is holding up very well. It's also a perfect fit for road trips in the back of our SUV. My only regret is I didn't get 2 when they were on sale.

- Libby -
Omaha, NE

The quality you expect from West Paw Design

July 12, 2017

We're very happy that you are enjoying the Big Sky Blanket Libby!

Keep your eyes peeled on our website though, we have sales several times over the course of the year.



- West Paw -

West Paw Blanket

March 12, 2017

Very well made, soft, and durable. Our puppy loves it!! I would agree with other reviewers that the largest size could be bigger yet to fully cover more of a couch and King size bed. Still, a great product!! I will likely buy another to use elsewhere for the pooch. Our daughter wants one for herself too! :)

- Anonymous

Big Sky blanket/ Storm color

March 11, 2017

Love the material on both sides. The color is beautiful. Matches our living room decor of cream, brown and blue. We have a Vizsla puppy and an 11 year old cocker. They are enjoying the blanket with their Montana nap bed. I am going to have to order another so they each have their own to snuggle in, they like to nest. Thanks West Paw!

- Kimberly Zoss -

Great blanket - just not durable enough

January 10, 2017

Great blanket - but would be better if it was stronger. Its very holy 2 weeks later. I suggest the brand makes one with a kevlar integration like my work gloves that cant be ripped / cut etx

- TK -

Truly the best.

December 05, 2016

We bought one of these last year for our pup, and use it for everything. We got another couch and we were happy to buy another to cover it. A great product, and our dog loves it! Will probably buy again!

- Maxwell -

Big Sky Blanket

October 31, 2016

Actually....I've not seen the blankets yet....but I've heard that they are really nice. So I'm picking up a puppy from the breeder in a few weeks and had the blankets sent to him so the entire litter could romp and play on them and scent them up really well. That way when Millie comes home she'll have a scented remembrance of all her siblings. So thanks in advance...from all the comments I'm sure it will be a great dog/puppy blanket!

- Rusty -