Dog Beds: Designed for Washing

These dog beds were made to be washable again and again.

Dog Beds: Maintenance Tips for Our Washable and Dryable Beds

These dog beds were designed to be washable. From our experience dogs prioritize fun over being clean, and they don't seem too concerned about jumping into bed with dirty paws. That's why we firmly believe that all dog beds should be washable.



Washable Dog Bed

Super-durable, easy to wash dog mats.

  • 100% washable
  • One year guarantee
  • Easy to clean

Washable Dog Mats

Durable & easy to wash.

  • 100% washable
  • One year guarantee
  • Made in the USA

Heyday Bed® washing Tips

The Heyday Bed® has such amazing, durable fabric that most spots and spills can simply be wiped up with a damp cloth.  For deep cleanings, throw the entire bed into the washer and dryer.  Wash fully assembled or separate and wash bed parts individually — however the bed fits best in your washing machine.  

  • Machine wash on COLD/COLD.
  • Machine dry on LOW heat or AIR DRY.


Flat Mats Washing Tips

Simply throw the entire mat in the washer and dryer.  They'll come out clean and looking like new again and again and again... you get the idea.  

  • Machine wash on COLD/COLD.
  • Machine dry on LOW heat or AIR DRY.


Want to machine wash and dry your pet’s bed over and over with great results? Look here!

In our busy lives, we carve out time to care for our pets, insuring that they get proper food, a healthy amount of daily exercise, and all the loving attention they deserve. We also make sure to give them a sense of their own space by defining their sleeping area. Whether we invest in a deluxe bed fit for a king, or a simple mat to throw on the floor, we want to be sure that the product we choose will not only comfort our dog, but it will also hold up to regular machine washing and drying. There’s a reason we relegate all the mud and fur to a compact space – we’d rather throw something in the washer than have to clean an entire couch or carpet!

At West Paw Design, we don’t let anything hold our dogs back from a good romp in the park, least of all fear of having to launder a difficult bed. All of our dog beds are machine washable and dryable, and truly easy to maintain. In fact, all of our Dog Beds can be tossed right into the wash as they are - no fussing with zippers if you don't want to take the beds apart! And for the ultimate in ease of use, look at the Big Sky Blanket, a beautiful throw to toss anywhere and clean anytime.

When it comes to our Bumper Beds and Pillow Beds we give you the choice to zip off the covers if you want. It's up to you. For a quick wash, simply remove the cover from the pillow or bolster and toss it in the washing machine! All of our beds are meant to be washed in cold/cold water and dried on the low heat setting, and come out beautifully time and time again. We test our dyes for colorfastness and specially design our fabric to stand the test of time.

When the bed is soiled or needs a deeper cleaning, you may wash the entire bed - covers and inserts.  Since every washer and dryer are different, a different strategy is suggested for different people.  If you have a machine that is known to be tough on clothing (catching or tearing fabric), then we suggest you leave the insert pillow in its cover during the wash.  However, if your washer machine is a front loading machine with a clean history (pun intended) of being gentle, then you may separate the pillow insert from the cover and wash all parts on gentle cycle.

Whether you are washing the covers by themselves or the entire bed, be sure to "zip close" any zipper before washing. By keeping the zipper closed, it helps protect all of the teeth during the wash. Zippers are amazingly tough when zipped together, but when unzipped, the teeth are left exposed and can easily snag something, leading to excessive pulling and eventually damage to the tooth. When one zipper tooth gets damaged, it can make it impossible to zip closed again. 

With large beds of all kinds, you'll want to be sure the bed is tumbling freely.  If one area of the bed is pushed up against the heating element and the heat is directed constantly on the same spot for the entire length of drying, it will damage the fabric.  For those beds that fill the entire dryer (not allowing the bed to rotate freely), you will want to tumble dry with no heat or air dry.  Stuffed pillow beds are very similar to your own (human) pillows... so Mom's trick of throwing in a clean shoe to help re-fluff the pillow could help, but we suggest keeping the cover on the pillow inserts when using Mom's fluffing technique.  Enjoy your clean bed... we know your dog will!

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