Sustainable Materials

See What We’re Made Of

On a mission to create the best pet products possible, we choose eco-friendly materials and processes whenever we can. From the proprietary Zogoflex material we developed for our toys to the way we cut and sew our beds, we keep waste out of landfills, chemicals out of soil and water, and toxins out of our products — all while guaranteeing durable, beautiful toys and beds your pets will love.


Our proprietary plastic blend, Zogoflex can be recycled into more Zogoflex—over and over again. Leftover shapes from toy molds, old Zogoflex toys that have Joined the Loop, toys that didn’t meet our standards—they all get sanitized, ground up, and fed back into our machine to make completely new, bouncy, bright Zogoflex toys.

IntelliLoft® Stuffing and Fabric

IntelliLoft® is our exclusive eco-fiber, made completely from recycled plastic. In beds, this luxurious stuffing supports pets night after night (and nap after nap). We also use its strong, recycled fibers to weave the soft plush fabric of our new Montana Nap™ and Montana Toys.

IntelliLoft washes completely clean, so you don’t have to worry about lingering pet odors, and it’s completely non-toxic and 3rd party certified safe. To date, IntelliLoft has diverted millions of plastic bottles from the landfill—turning them into the stuff of pets’ dreams.


Yep! It’s tough. Hemp has been used for centuries for its strength and durability. It won’t fade in the sun or deteriorate in salt water, and actually gets stronger when wet. It’s odor free and anti-microbial.

Hemp is more than muscle. It has a big heart. It’s kind to the Earth by using very little water and grows extremely fast. It protects from runoff, creates a rich organic topsoil, and produces more fiber per acre than cotton. Its soft touch is gentle on hands and fur—super tough, super soft.