Unstuffed Dog Toys

All the fun, and no messy stuffing to clean up!


Fuzzy pom poms from head to tail

Floppy Giraffe

It's a zoo in here!

Floppy Giraffe Mini

Take a walk on the wild side.

Floppy Quack

Withstands shaking and pouncing

Floppy Quack Mini

Available in two sizes!

Floppy Dog

Full of fun, without the filling

Floppy Dog Mini

Fuzzy pom poms from head to tail

Big or Small

Whether you're tired of cleaning up big fluffly messes or small ones, we have the perfect sized stuffing-free toy just for you.

No More Stuffing Mess

Your dog will still love to squeak and tug our un-stuffed toys, we just eliminate the stuffing mess.  You're welcome.

Handcrafted in the USA

Each dog toy is handcrafted by an experienced toymaker in Bozeman, Montana.