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Celebrating 25 Years of Being Dog's Best Friend

It all started with a dream . . . and a recipe box!

Bozeman, Montana-based West Paw celebrates 25 years of designing and sustainably manufacturing award-winning, eco-friendly pet products for dogs and cats. Since August 1st, 1996, West Paw has successfully done what many thought would be impossible — and it all started with a recipe box.

When Spencer Williams purchased Pet Pals, a small cut and sew company that made fabric toys for dogs and cats, he kept the name of potential and current retailers in a small recipe box (it was 1996 after all). This box contained the people who would help propel us, inspired us, and most importantly, gave us a chance before we had a website, Zogoflex, or even a factory. 

Now, 25 years later, West Paw employs over 100 people, sells award-winning dog toys, beds, leashes, collars, and treats to over 6,000 US retailers as well as in 40 + countries around the world. 99.9% of our products continue to be manufactured in the USA.

In 2013, West Paw became a Certified B Corp  (the first for pet product manufacturer), a founding member of the Pet Sustainability Coalition, and now a member of the American Council on Sustainability. This is all in addition to saving 16 million pounds of plastic from going into landfills and oceans, guaranteeing local jobs, and delighting dogs and pet parents alike. 

“None of our successes would have happened without the relationships we formed all those years ago, many of which are still going strong today,’ Spencer Williams, CEO, and Owner, West Paw. Continues Williams, “the trust placed in us, to design and manufacture our sustainable line pet products, continues to inspire us toward a vibrant and fun future.”
West Paw recently opened their second Made-in-America factory in Northwest Montana and as always will continue to focus on a quadruple bottom line: People, Pets, Planet, and Profits.

Thanks to dog lovers around the world, West Paw has flourished while successfully manufacturing in the US. Twenty-five years later, West Paw is proud to have done it while also being a force for good. It seems West Paw has always the right ingredients.