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Top treats to stuff inside a Qwizl

Need some handy ideas to keep your dog occupied with their Qwizl dog toy? We got the lowdown from Qwizl fanatics on the best foods and ways to keep dogs engaged with using their Qwizl. Here’s what they’re saying.

 What do you fill your Qwizl with?

Top treats to stuff inside a Qwizl

Need some handy ideas to keep your dog occupied with their Qwizl dog toy? We got the lowdown from Qwizl fanatics on the best foods and ways to keep dogs engaged with using their Qwizl. Here’s what they’re saying.

It’s a question asked by dog lovers around the world. . . 

Sure, you can leave a squeeze of peanut butter in there, or some kibble to keep your Corgi entertained while you finish a phone call, but what happens when your pup gets bored with the same old treats?

A Qwizl fan posed this question to an online community of Qwizl lovers, and their creative ideas were so fun that we just had to share.

See the top eight creative dog treats you can use to stuff your Qwizl (plus, our favorite West Paw treat recommendations to boot!).

Carrots or Sugar Snap Peas

We love it whenever a customer gives us a healthy recommendation for dog treats because we all want what’s best for our pups. Vets recommend any vegetables for pups (except onions!), and we’re happy that Qwizl can oblige. 

Why it works: Veggies like carrots and sugar snap peas work great in a Qwizl because the grippy interior and open sides hold these treats so they stay put. Plus if you cut the carrots a little bigger, you can make it a little more challenging for your pup to pick out the pieces. 

Frozen Coconut Milk

Freeze coconut milk into ice cubes for a great, non-dairy alternative to the cheese treats that our dogs love so much. We recommend only choosing the unsweetened kind (the sweeteners in some packaged coconut milk can add unnecessary sugars that our dogs don't need) and check to make sure there aren’t stabilizers like carrageenan and xanthan gum, which sometimes can make your pup’s tummy upset.

Why it works: Coconut milk is a yummy alternative to water and has been shown to improve your dog’s breath and strengthen their immune systems. Try mixing the coconut milk with kibble to provide a satisfying crunch.

Cow tails, turkey tendons, or bully sticks

These are a HUGE community favorite and were recommended over and over again. Cow tails, turkey tendons, or bully sticks are often already fan faves of many of our pups -- why not make them last longer by popping them inside a Qwizl? 

Why it works: Have you ever given your pup a bully stick only to turn around a few minutes later and realized it’s gone? Cutting a bully stick or cow tail up with scissors and stuffing it inside OR just pushing it through the length of the Qwizl gives your treat-inhaler a little more of a challenge.

Dried fish skins

What dog doesn’t love dried fish skins? These aromatic dog treats are great on their own or combined with a creamy dog favorite, like bananas or coconut milk. 

Why it works: Qwizl has openings for treats both on the top ends AND on the sides, meaning anything with a strong aroma will be easy to sniff out.


A fan favorite -- stick a frozen banana inside a treat toy. Dogs will work hard to get a taste of this sweet treat. 

Why it works: Many dogs love bananas, so switching it up and mixing in other things on this list (like freezing it in some broth or mixing it with coconut milk to make a delicious dog paste) can create a whole new experience.

Apple slices

Cold, sweet, and crunchy, this healthy treat is perfect to pair with Qwizl.

Why it works: If your puppy is a nibbler, apple slices can stick out the sides of Qwizl and satisfy a craving for a crunchy snack.

Frozen broth

If your dog likes ice cubes, they’re bound to love frozen broth cubes! (Chicken broth is our in-house fave, but we love all kinds!). Pop two or three broth cubes, into Qwizl. We recommend using water bottle ice cube trays for the perfect sized cube.

Why it works: Ice cubes are a cool treat on a hot summer’s day and can be easily accessed by your pup both on the top ends and on the sides.


Mix together banana, peanut butter, Greek yogurt and/or pumpkin, and freeze it in a water bottle ice cube tray

And don’t forget to mix it up!

There are endless combinations of treats that you can use (see a few of our community’s suggestions below, or if you’re determined to get creative,  check out this post with our nine favorite homemade, healthy dog treat recipes).

Who is the Qwizl for anyway?

Qwizl is great for all dogs -- the chewers, the treat lovers, the smart pups, and those who are all three -- which makes it one of our most versatile toys.

The dog personas below will get a true kick out of Qwizl.

Dog persona: The toy destroyer

Customers say: 

Our girl loves this and it's the only toy she hasn't destroyed. We've had it for 2 years! I've put dental sticks, crunchy Milk Bones, and peanut butter in it.”

Why it works: 

Qwizl keeps the toy destroyer at bay with its durable Zogoflex and its innovative curved design, paws can easily keep Qwizl in place. The side openings release scent and taste while the interior hole allows treats to extend out. Combine a mixture of treats to give both jaws and brain a good workout. 

West Paw recommends:

We love to put our  Pork Treats with Superfood inside and cap the ends with our Beef Liver and Pumpkin.

Dog persona: Clever Canine

Customers say:

“I put a bully stick in it and my dogs just love working to get it out. It fits in super snug and doesn’t stick out so they really work for it. They always manage to get it out and it keeps them busy for up to an hour.”

Why it works: 

Qwizl’s unique design provides a multitude of ways to insert treat combos so you’re sure to stump even the smartest pup.

West Paw recommends:

Freeze our  Creamy Beef Liver treat in the long ice cube trays below and stuff it into Qwizl. 

Dog persona: The treat inhaler

Customers say: 

“West Paw toys are great. Peanut butter on ends, kibble filled interior, wet food on side crevices then frozen. It's messy but he loves it. I use any food, dog or human, that is healthy and let my creative side come out.“

Why it works: 

If you’ve got a treat inhaler, slow them down for better digestion and maximum enjoyment! 

If your dog’s a super-fast eater, frozen food inside Qwizl will slow them down.

West Paw recommends:

We love the idea of using ALL types of treats to fill the Qwizl. Add five West Paw Bison Lung to the inside, cap the ends with some pumpkin puree, and smear cream cheese on the sides. Pop it in the freezer for an hour, et voila!


But what about the leftover bits that my dog can’t get?

We’ve heard from a few of your dogs that it’s sometimes challenging to clean out the leftover pieces of treat sticks that get caught in Qwizl’s crevices. 

Never fear! We’ve got some quick-and-easy solutions.

Use pliers.

For the stickiest of situations, West Paw’s Product Designers use pliers to get the hardened bits of kibble or bully sticks out of the Qwizl corners (you can also use a butter knife or the end of a spoon to push the bits through). 

If you’re not a fan of taking tools to a toy, here are two other solutions that work just as well.

Pop it in the dishwasher. 

Did you know all West Paw Zogoflex dog toys are dishwasher safe? We recommend resting Qwizl on the top rack so the steam of your dishwasher can soften any loose bits and sterilize the toy.

Soak it for an hour in warm water. 

Soak Qwizl in warm water overnight (although it only should take an hour at most to soften anything stuck).

It’s your turn! 

Do you have any treat recommendations we missed? Maybe you have a secret family recipe going back to your pup’s great-great-great-granddog.

If so, join this Facebook group and let us know what’s worked for you!