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The Scoop

Buying American-Made is More Important Than Ever

Still Proudly Made in the USA!

When we started out in 1996, I was told West Paw would never be successful if we didn't outsource overseas. 

I'm proud to say that we didn't listen.

When I take a walk through our Montana manufacturing facility, which is just down the stairs from my office, I have such a sense of pride for the incredible people and the work they are doing. I hear the rattle and hum of the sewing machines, the clicks of the pattern tackers and most importantly I see the faces of the people (some I've known since 1997!) hard at work sewing beds, shipping products, working our injection molding machines, and talking with our customers about their dogs or their business.

To me, relationships are what being a manufacturer is all about:  It's the camaraderie our employees have with each other, the pride that goes into our work, and the trust we have built with our customers for 26 years. Our goal has remained the same since the beginning –to provide high-quality, safe, and sustainable products that create joyful connections with dogs and their best friends.

So when I think of Made in the USA, I think about our team and the fortune of being able to do this work from our hometown - supporting local businesses and bringing opportunity to the people of our community. We wouldn't be able to do this without you, our customer and we are grateful for the opportunity and will work hard to continue to bring you excellent products for your dogs - made right here in the USA.

Happy 4th of July,

Spencer Williams

Dog's Best Friend & Founder, CEO of West Paw

Bozeman, USA