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Let’s Play! Turn Playtime Into So Much More...

Turn playtime into a classroom, gym, charm school, and team retreat all in one—with professional tips from a dog behaviorist

Your dog is different. Now playtime can be, too.


There are many ways to forge that all important pet-parent bond (we’d be remiss not to mention treats!) but play remains one of the most powerful bond-strengthening activities possible.

There’s so much social contact in play, and your dog learns your boundaries—critical for building trust and an ongoing trusting relationship. When you play, it’s the perfect time to reinforce manners and obedience, while keeping things light. And when you get on the floor with your dog, you’re literally getting on their level—strengthening your bond.

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Play creates an element of routine that dogs find comforting, but it also offers plenty of physical and mental stimulation—just watch dogs blasting off after a Bumi or trying to predict where a Tizzi will land.

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For dogs with hangups (like fearing visitors or just feeling shy), positive play experiences can bring them out of their shells. Repeated over time and coupled with supportive training, these positive experiences can help rewire dogs into happier, healthier pets.

And speaking of wiring, both humans and dogs benefit from horsing around—play dumps happy feel-good endorphins into our brains! So bust out the toys, learn the advanced ropes in our upcoming notes, and let the good times roll. (Or tug. Or fly.)

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For dogs, it’s the mental stimulation equivalent of a mind-blowing podcast

Dogs crave QT with their owners, but let’s be honest—they’re also a sucker for snackaroos. And it’s even more fun to have to “earn” that reward. Keep your buddy entertained and educated with a treat toy like Tux. Tux “tucks” a reward and a puzzle all into one—irresistible.

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