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Count The Ways West Paw Reduces Our Carbon Paw Print

Count On West Paw To Do The Right Thing

This Earth Day, West Paw is counting all the ways we have worked to reduce our environmental impact while making the most high-quality and eco-friendly dog products.

Since our beginning in 1997, we have worked to manufacture pet products in a sustainable manner. By tallying up the ways these efforts have affected (or not  affected) planet earth, West Paw is proud to show you the ways the Earth Counts!

As the first pet product manufacturer to become a Certified B Corp (2013), Montana’s first Benefit Corporation (2015), and a founding member of the Pet Sustainability Coalition (2013), West Paw joins the ranks of other industry-leading companies who share their goal of continuing to grow in earth-friendly ways.

B Corp  Pet Sustainability

1. We Wince at Waste

• 16 million bottles have been saved from landfills and recycled into IntelliLoft® fiber and fill to make their pet beds and toys.

• In 2020 West Paw recycled 139,953 lbs of Zogoflex material back into more of the things dog's love, toys. This recycled material was comprised of 525 lbs of post-consumer and 139,528 lbs of post-manufacturing Zogoflex.

• In 2020 ~19% of each Zogoflex toy is made of post-manufacturing and post-consumer recycled material.

As of Dec. 31st, 2020, we have kept 16,091,104 plastic bottles out of the landfill.

Zogoflex Dog Toys Material 

• What’s the difference between “post-consumer” and “post-manufacturing” material? We’re glad you asked . . .

1. Post-Consumer means, in our case, when someone returns a Zogoflex® dog toy to us for cleaning and recycling back into, well, new dog toys!

2. Post-Manufacturing means we use any excess material that was created during the initial manufacturing process, think plastic that attaches toys to each other. This is all perfectly good plastic that can be re-used in again, dog toys!

2. We Reduce. We Reuse. We Recycle.

• In addition to encouraging customers to recycle their Zogoflex dog toy’s - we have also kept over 16 million plastic bottles out of the landfill by turning them into a safe, eco-friendly fiber fill we call IntelliLoft®.

IntelliLoft is used as the stuffing in our dog beds and plush toys and here’s the breakdown:

BATTING 1,689,111 (used in plush toys and beds)

POLY FILL 11,782,923 (used in plush toys and beds)

Intelliloft Material Made out of Recycled Plastic Bottles  Big Sky Dog Bone Plush Toy

3. Earth Friendly Textiles

• West Paw uses eco-friendly webbing in our leashes and collars made from recycled plastic bottles.

West Paw Collars and Leashes  16 million plastic bottles kept out of landfills

4. Sustainable & Safe

• West Paw uses safe and durable textiles so they last longer and therefore don’t get thrown into the landfill as often as less-durable products.

• Award-winning Zogoflex® dog toys are non-toxic, BPA, Phthalate and Latex-Free, and FDA Compliant. Infinitely recyclable these toys can be returned to West Paw to be sanitized, ground up, and turned into a new toy, over and over again.

Join the loop zogoflex dog toy recycling

5. Treats are made in the USA from humanely raised and sustainably sourced proteins

Our freeze dried beef treats are made with American Grassfed® beef.  AGA standards guarantee 100% grass-fed diets (no grain finishing), free-range grazing on pastures (not feedlots), no antibiotics or growth hormones, and all animals born & humanely raised on American family farms.

West Paw's freeze dried duck treats come from Maple Leaf Farms, where their commitment to ducks' wellbeing has set the industry standard for ethical duck care all over the world. Duck from Maple Leaf Farms is raised cage-free and vegetarian-fed on sustainable family farms in Indiana.

West Paw Dog Treats