Introducing our new Love It Guarantee™

Posted May 22, 2017

Life just got a whole lot easier

We’re happy to announce another way to keep your dog(s) happy. West Paw™ now guarantees every dog toy and dog bed we manufacture here in Montana – that’s all of them. If you aren't completely satisfied with your West Paw purchase, our Love It Guarantee entitles you to a one-time refund or replacement, per toy design. Best of all, we do the legwork for you. No need to mail in the product you want replaced or refunded, just fill out our Love It Guarantee™ form and we'll take care of the rest. 

Wait, I thought you already had a guarantee?

Previously our guarantee only applied to our Zogoflex® toys and pet beds. Now we are happy to announce we offer a guarantee on one-hundred-percent of our products. From our Zogoflex dog toys to our handcrafted beds and plush toys, West Paw confidently stands behind our American made products.

As West Paw's owner, Spencer Williams put it "We proudly make our pet products in the same building as our offices, so we all feel a sense of pride in what gets made here. It only makes sense to introduce a guarantee that reflects the quality and craftsmanship that go into designing and manufacturing each and every product."

Simply put: If you or your dog is not satisfied with any of our products, for any reason, we will make it right.

Why does West Paw offer such a robust guarantee?

The goal of our guarantee is to ensure dogs have the right toy for their chewing, playing and resting behaviors. And if you purchased one of our dog toys or beds that you thought was indestructible* yet your champion chewer managed to gnaw right through it, we want to offer you up an ever more durable toy (think Tux or Jive) or bed. 

My dog destroyed his West Paw bed or toy, what do I do now? 

Simply visit our guarantee page at

On this page, we will collect the information we need to provide you with a more appropriate toy or bed. Some things to note: The guarantee is limited to a one-time, one-replacement per household. Valid only in the United States and Canada. International customers need to visit the retailer where item was purchased. 

I need dog food anyway, can I bring my broken West Paw dog toy or bed back to where I bought it?

Yes. We have worked with our retailers to make sure they are aware of our product guarantee. Some retailers will honor it in store and some will direct you to our website. Please be sure to tell them all about your dog's chewing and playing behavior so they can best recommend a replacement product that is better suited for your dog's needs. For example, if you bring back a chewed up Tizzi® toy, please give the more durable Tux® a try.   

* No dog toy, no matter who makes it, is indestructible. This we also guarantee.

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