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Is there any greater joy than a nosh? A nibble? A full-on feast?

For dogs, food is love. And love? Is everywhere. A missed morsel under the cabinets. A few chomps of grass to go. Anything you’re eating? They’d like a bite, too.

Adventurous palates and insatiable appetites—the world is a dog’s table. And humans? We’re their five-star chefs—or we want to be. Some of you asked for recipes, some of you whipped up creative creations and inspired these culinary creations, and all of you relish feeding your fuzzbuddies. Not just because scrumptious treat toys keep doggy brains sharp, but because…well, food is love.


featured chef: @the_little_dog_crew

Maybe your pooch tiptoes around the rain puddles, maybe they roll around joyously in the mud, but for dogs everywhere, springtime means new flowers to sniff, longer days to play outside, and fresh flavors to savor and snarf.


featured chef: @sit.forest.sit

The dog days of summer: green grass, sprinkler chomps, big shady naps, and maybe even a roadtrip. These snacks cover all the bases, from keeping pups cool on hot days to tempting their tastebuds after the sun goes down.


featured chef: @munchin.maggie

Crisp blue skies, crunchy leaves—and all that crispy crunchiness is enough to make anybody hungry. Especially your fuzzbuddy. Then again, in a dog’s world? It’s always snack-o-clock.


featured chef: @bindisbucketlist

“Bark!” the hairy angels sing. Because when it’s a sloppy frozen windy mess outside, a solid treat toy session can burn as much energy as an hourlong walk in the park. Ah, winter. For dogs, it’s the most magical time of the year.