Qwizl Treat Toy

Granny Smith
Aqua Blue

Measures 5.5"


Measures 6.5"



This award-winning toy was brilliantly designed to extend the life of expensive dog treats while keeping dogs busy. The side openings release scent and taste while the continuous interior hole allows treats to extend out. Flexible ridges grip multiple sizes of treats. One of our toughest dog toys, Qwizl is also fun to toss, fetch, and chew even after the treats are gone. The curved shape makes the toy easy for dogs to hold in place with paws.

Dog owners will love that Qwizl® is:

  • Top Rack Dishwasher safe
  • Latex-free
  • FDA-compliant
  • Love It Guarantee
  • Made in the U.S.A.

We've gotten some questions about how to get any remaining pieces of a treat out of their dog's Qwizl. We suggest one of two methods:

  • Take a pair of pliers and insert it into toy to grab leftover treat and pull them out.
  • Soak Qwizl toy in hot, soapy water to loosen up the treat. When treat has softened up, it should be easy to get out of toy.

Please remember your dog’s safety is your responsibility. No dog toy is indestructible. Choose only toys that are the appropriate shape and size for your dog and always supervise your dog’s use of toy. If your dog is one of the few that can damage one of our tough Zogoflex toys, please discontinue use of the toy immediately and take advantage of our Love It Guarantee™.

Pup Wellness Tip: Just like humans, dogs need mental stimulation—it keeps their brains sharp and their days interesting. Pop a nutritious treat in a West Paw treat toy for a challenge AND a reward. (Best day ever.)

Qwizl Where Work Meets Play

Make your dog's day! Watch this video to see the different ways the Qwizl treat toy keeps dogs busy!

What can you put inside Qwizl?

Qwizl was made to hold on tight to treats making dogs work to get at that choice chicken chew. Here are some other great ideas to stuff inside.

Buying the right dog toy

Yeah, all Zogoflex® dog toys are guaranteed, but not all were designed to be chew toys. While some dogs love to chew, some love to chase - So, be sure to get the toy that best fits your dog's style. Need help? You're in luck, we have a guide just for you!

Made by US. Designed for the love of pets and the planet.™


That's right! We're so confident in the durability of our Zogoflex dog toys that we offer a one-time per shape guarantee.

Safe and Nontoxic

Safety is paramount to all of us at West Paw Design, this is why our toys are latex-free, BPA and Phthalate free, non-toxic and FDA compliant.

Ranking = 4

Perfect for strong chewers. Some dogs can chew through anything. To help you decide which is best for your dog, please refer to our durability meter.


After any of our Zogoflex® dog toys get tossed around on the trail or muddied in the mountains, you can simply pop it in the dishwasher for easy cleaning.

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Customer Reviews

I love it!

January 03, 2021

I have 2 Standard Poodles and finding durable enough toys is a challenge.. they destroy regular Kong’s so we use the black one. They love the ball but not the treat one. Our breeder for our newest Standard is in Montana and sent us a qwizl and liver treats. Well, I have to buy another one now.. they both want it! I don’t know how long they will last but it seems to be holding up better than other brands we’ve tried.. the fact that they both love it so much means I will get more.

- PennyM -

Qwizl 5 stars

August 23, 2020

This is our go to toy daily. Stuff with carrots, apples, bully sticks, jerky treats, whatever you can fit in it. M6 dobermans, and my labs love it. When its dirty, pop it in the dishwasher. Our local doberman rescue, Desert Harbor Dobermans loves this toy for their rescues.

- JJinAz -

Our picky puppy loves this toy

August 01, 2020

Our 8 month Australian cattle dog loves his Qwizl! He normally either destroys a new toy in hours or gets disinterested easily in minutes. With the Qwizl, he enjoys playing with it whether it has a treat or not. It is easy for this assertive chewer to grip onto it. Highly recommend!

- Michelle Little -

Bully stick does NOT come out

May 09, 2020

its durable but also impossible to get the bully stick out. Puppy gives up after a few minutes and bully stick is untouched. Whats worse is that the stick seems to be wedged in there permanently. I followed the store’s instructions?

- Amanda Close, Winnipeg -
Winnipeg, MB

Bully stick does not come out

May 18, 2020

Hi Amanda,

We're sorry that you had issues with the Qwizl.  A trick to get the stuck bully stick out is to soak it for a bit and then push out with something like a wooden spoon handle. We do offer our Love It Guarantee, which is a one-time replacement or refund if that will help you. And we can always replace your damaged toy with a more durable one. Please just visit our website at: https://www.westpaw.com//guarantee-form 

- West Paw -

glad there's a guarantee!

May 07, 2020

I put a bully stick inside our new Qwizl because my dog loves them but devours them in minutes. The Qwizl definitely extended the life of the bully stick and kept my little guy very amused. He got super frustrated, though, and kept running between rooms in the house and whining, and ultimately ripped a hole in the top of the Qwizl. He couldn't get the bully stick out.. and neither could I. Is there any suggestion for how precisely to use these for an advertised use? I see a few others have the same issue even though there's a picture of exactly what leads to thus issue in the advertisement, itself.Thanks in advance!

- Goodmahj -
Tucson, AZ

Two times the Love

January 06, 2020

I bought two of these for our hounds - one small for the beagle/basset, one large for the coon hound. They both love them both! I stuffed the ends with jerky treats and neither hound has been able to get all of the treats out of the Qwizl, so they have remained busy with them. This was a great buy for both dog, and they are happy chewing on either size and I am happy they stay entertained.

- Lee L -
Columbia, MO

The Qwizl Wins!

November 16, 2019

Our 11 month old poodle is truly an intense chewer. She can go through toys designed for tough chewers in a matter of minutes, but she's met her match here. We do wedge treats in the ends of the Qwizl, but she plays with it when empty, too. This is fortunate since she manages to remove the treats within a couple minutes. If you make something more difficult in a puzzle toy out of the same material we will buy! Thanks!

- Karil Gray -

The Qwizl Wins!

November 18, 2019

Hello Karil,

We're so glad the Qwizl is a good match for your poodle's chewing ability.  They are definitely a tough breed to outsmart!  Our innovative product development team is always  working on ideas to keep dogs busy and entertained, so I will share your request.  

Thank you,


- West Paw -

Best toy for extreme chewers

September 21, 2019

I have 2 very large Great Danes & they destroy EVERY toy I have ever purchased for them. Even the ones that claim to be indestructible...within 20 min. This toy has been the ONLY thing they have not been able to tear up, at all. I don’t even put treats inside it. They love this thing & I would definitely recommend it to anyone.

- Amy Blouir -
Ocala, FL