Zisc Flying Disc

Granny Smith
Aqua Blue

Measures 6.5"


Measures 8.5"


Dog owners will love that Zisc is: 

  • Top Rack Dishwasher safe
  • Latex-free
  • FDA-compliant (meaning it's safe to eat off of)
  • Love It Guarantee
  • Made in the U.S.A.


This high-flying, human-hand-friendly frisbee for dogs is lightweight yet tough. Gentle on dog's mouths, Zisc is soft, pliable, floatable and flies far. With its curved edges, Zisc is easy to grip for both humans and dogs. Perfect for fetch and tug-o-war. Forgot your dog's water or food bowl? Simply flip Zisc over - it doubles as a travel bowl. Limited edition ruby red color is available for the holiday season only.

Please remember your dog’s safety is your responsibility. No dog toy is indestructible. Choose only toys that are the appropriate shape and size for your dog and always supervise your dog’s use of the toy. If your dog is one of the few that can damage one of our tough Zogoflex toys, please discontinue the use of the toy immediately and take advantage of our Love It Guarantee™.

A dog's best friend favorite

Big and Mini - Fetch for all dogs

Whether you have a big dog that loves playing fetch or a little guy, this frisbee shaped disc is the perfect fetch toy for big dogs and little.

Zisc - now available in GLOW!

Zisc Glow stretches fetch deep into the night, while still being completely doggie-safe, durable and recyclable.  Just put in a window or under a bright light for five minutes and you're good to glow.

Flying, Fetching, Fun.

Fetch for years with super-durable, perfect dog frisbee.  Go have fun! 

When the sun goes down, the fun comes up!

Watch the glowing fun in action!  Zisc glow is the durable, glowing dog frisbee.

Durability Rating

Ranking = 3; Perfect strength for medium chewers. These toys have been designed for interactive and supervised play. 

Tough Fun.

Dog toys made from Zogoflex® material are the best of everything.  Really!  These toys are durable. They aren't rigid, so they are gentle on teeth. They float. They are eco-friendly. Most important, they are FUN!

Chew OR Play - Buying the right dog toy

Yeah, all Zogoflex® dog toys are guaranteed, but not all were designed to be chew toys.  While some dogs love to chew, some love to chase - So, be sure to get the toy that best fits your dog's style.  Need help?  You're in luck, we have a guide just for you!

Non-toxic & Safe!

Dog toys made from Zogoflex® and Zogoflex Air® are completely non-toxic, BPA-free, phthalate-free, latex-free and FDA compliant.  We proudly make safe toys in the USA.

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Customer Reviews

Zisc Flyer

March 30, 2020

My 125 lb GSD and this disc are a couple, walks, riding bikes( he trots along) naps! This is by far the best flying, longest lasting frisbee out there! Cant even think of what his life would be like without his frisbee. He catches then kills, then plays tug game before dropping to be tossed again! He had one last over 1 year! It still flew, but not far. The center gave in and I had to cut it down. But it still flew! I give this 5 stars! Wish I could buy locally. I always have to have a back up! This is his only toy. Well the only one he will chase contionously all day everyday. He would fetch this until he dropped dead if I let him! Im sure your company has reasons why the center cant be just a hair thicker! The outer ring is intact! If you could just make the whole thing like the ring! Id never have to buy one for several years! Cant say enough! We thought another frisbee we had used for years was the best, then I couldnt buy it locally anymore. I seen this one online! Ordered this one and one of his usual flyers they lasted him 6 months, we thought that was good. Your product flys straighter, further,and is very durable! HE LUVS this Flyer!

- Tracy Merta -


November 26, 2019

My mixed breed river is a 38 lb ball of energy and she loves this disc. Often she sleeps on it after a long session of fetch. I would say to be a 5 star disc it needs to fly better. Still a great toy!

- Ian F -
Quakertown, Pennsylvania

Our pups LOVE their Zisc!

November 18, 2019

As soon as we get to the dog park our two Berners are eyeing the Zisc waiting for that first throw. It's been the absolute best toy for them and has lasted very well despite a LOT of gnawing! The high visibility really helps me find the disc since neither pup has any clue how Fetch works. A very handy toy to inspire running and good natured tug-of-war. I highly recommend this to anyone who loves a good chase!

- Nik Rogers -
Marlton, New Jersey

Glow discs

June 19, 2019

I thought these were indestructible ?!! My lab picks it up in center ( like a taco ) sometimes bc he’s excited wanting to beat the other dogs to it but it starts with a hole and then rips ! Last one I’ll buy

- Alison -
My second one is now destroyed too!

Glow discs

June 20, 2019

Hello Alison,

We're sorry the Zisc wasn't a good match for your dog.  Since no toy is indestructible, we do offer our Love It Guarantee, which is a one-time replacement or refund if that will help you. And we can always replace your damaged toy with a more durable one. Please just visit our website at: https://www.westpaw.com//guarantee-form




- West Paw -

Best frisbee

May 08, 2019

Our white German Sheppard is a chewer He loves this frisbee there’s not a puncture or hole to be seen. He Sometimes just chews on it, highly recommend.

- Tamara Nazar -

Zogoflex frisbee review

March 04, 2019

We have two dachshunds, a 7 yr old and a 1 yr old. Both dogs are energetic retrievers - balls, bones, sticks, we throw it and they retrieve it. They both love the Zogoflex, so much that we had to get two in order to avoid “disagreements”. When your legs are 3 inches long you don’t leap into the air to catch a frisbee. Instead we roll it on edge and the dogs chase and retrieve them until they’re worn out. The edges of our frisbees end up cracking and feathering but they last for months before they need to be replaced. Great product.

- Jimbeau -
MS Gulf Coast


February 12, 2019

Nala absolutely loves her frisbee! It is the only toy she plays with and has to sleep with every night.

- Brittany -
Saskatoon, SK

Great Product, Great support!

February 10, 2019

My lab fell in love with this frisbee!

It flies super well even in harsh winters. She goes crazy just at the sight of it and would fetch that thing as many times as I can throw it. She loves to fold it in half and run around with what I call "big lips" or shake it around and teach it who's boss. I believe the squeaky texture of the rubber is what does it, like a good french poutine, the secret is the squeaky cheese curds.

After about 6 - 7 months of daily play (maybe half hour to an hour) she does manage to break through the centre and over the course of a week she will end up ripping the centre apart. This does affect the flight capabilities but she seems oblivious to its degraded state and runs around wearing it like a crown or a horse bit. I decided to try the Love it Guarantee but being in Canada this usually means some strings attached. Sent in my claim and within a couple weeks I got a new frisbee in the mail, no duty fees nothing.

Great work West Paw! I had gone out and bought a new one in the mean time (the $25 - $30 is well worth the months of play my lab gets out of it) but then lost that in one of the massive snow falls we had (wish I had the glow in the dark ones but can't find them in stock anywhere!) so I went out and bought another! So now I have 2 and with any luck once the snow melts I'll find that third one if no one gets to it first!

I also have the Hurly and a Tizzy which I love to fill with peanut butter and ground up kibble and stick it in the freezer and then let her lick and chew for an hour or so (especially with the closed/locked tentacles). And for Xmas we gave her bestie who is 50% her size the small frisbee so they can chase their own. Her bestie is a ball hound but balls are horrible in winter as they disappear easily in the snow, but she has been super attached the frisbee since she got it too. Great product line and great support! Thanks and keep up the great work!

- Shayne -
Ottawa, Canada

Great disc!

December 16, 2018

My labradoodle is obsessed with playing frisbee! This one flies far (my goal is to tire him out)! It’s ok on durability but he eventually will tear it because he loves the rubber and chewing it gives him joy. I try to get him to drop it but that doesn’t happen on the first try. So, I will be taking advantage of your one time replacement warranty. You have a more durable type of frisbee but it doesn’t fly very far so I keep buying these. Plus, this is softer and easy to catch, just with it didn’t tear.

- Debbie -
Medina Ohio