Dog Leashes

Reliable features for every kind of outing.

When it comes to dog collars and leashes, there’s no one-size-fits-all. We understand the special needs for each dog behavior style, size, breed and energy level. That’s why we came up with two different approaches: Our Jaunts collection works great for more adventure-based use in all conditions. Our Strolls collection makes the most of every day excursions and usage. All made by US right here in the USA.

#DogsBestFriend is about
staying connected together.

In Traffic, on the Trail and
Everywhere In-between.

Jaunts™ Leash with Comfort Grip

  • Quick tether and release adjustable handle is simple to configure 
  • Waterproof and stink-free comfort grip handle 
  • Incredibly strong and naturally odor resistant hemp leash
  • Ultra-light scissor hook in zinc is extra durable
  • Utility loop for accessories and cross-body carry

Strolls™ Leash with Comfort Grip

  • Comfort grip handle is waterproof and feels good in the hand
  • Soft yet strong hemp is naturally anti-microbial and odor resistant
  • Light scissor hook in zinc is extra durable
  • Utility loop for accessories and cross-body carry 

Strolls™ Leash with Hemp

  • Traffic handle securely controls the leash near the collar and keeps dog close and safe
  • Incredibly strong and naturally odor resistant hemp is anti-microbial and super soft
  • Ultra-light scissor hook in innovative zinc is extra durable
  • Utility Loop for accessories and cross-body carry

Holiday Leash

  • Available in three holiday patterns
  • Made in the USA and Guaranteed
  • Made from recycled water bottles

Three Leashes With Three Unique Features

Jaunts™ Leash

With Quick Tether and Release
Adjustable Handle

Active dog people walk it, wear it, carry it—in a multitude of configurations. The natural superstar hemp and quick-action fasteners make this the ultimate comfortable action leash. Unique tether & release handle adjusts for hand-leading, waist wear or in-a-snap tie outs around a tree or post.

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Strolls™ Leash

With Comfort Grip Handle

What makes for a great leash? Let’s start at the top with the comfort grip. True to its name, it’s comfortable, flexible and easy to hold, but stands up to daily use. It fends off funky odors, mud, weather, slobber, you name it. The waterproof coated webbing handle retains its nice smooth feel and lasts longer than leather or nylon.

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Strolls™ Leash

With Traffic Handle

For the on-the-go dog, there’s nothing like the Traffic Handle — a perfectly-placed, extra-strong handle next to the collar, so handler can keep pup close and safe in crowds or busy streets. This is the only leash in our line that has it, as well as the only one with natural superstar hemp along the whole length.

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West Paw guarantees the performance of every product we design and manufacture here in Bozeman, Montana (that's all of them).

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