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The Scoop

Seaflex® Dog Toys and Feeding Accessories

Sea the Change®, with Seaflex®

Introducing toys, bowls, and feed mats made with ocean bound plastic

(BOZEMAN, MONTANA)  West Paw set sail on a new eco-venture by creating a collection of safe,  non-toxic  pet  toys  and  feeding  accessories  that  save  plastic  from  winding  up  in  our  oceans.  Made with Seaflex, an exclusive blend of reclaimed and recycled ocean-bound plastic and zero-waste Zogoflex® material.

Millions of tons of plastic head for the ocean every year—bad news for the planet but thanks to a collaboration with Oceanworks, West Paw is able to safely and responsibly source ocean-bound plastic from threatened coastal areas in Central America and make them into things dogs love. 

“We are inspired to use the power of business to help solve environmental and social challenges,” says Spencer Williams, Owner and CEO, West Paw. “By developing innovative materials like Seaflex, that can be turned into durable pet toys and household goods while helping stop plastic from reaching the ocean, we intend to be a part of the solution.”

“As animal lovers ourselves, we were thrilled to assist West Paw in their creation of high-quality, sustainable pet accessories," said Vanessa Coleman, CEO, Oceanworks. “West Paw's drive to create this new collection showcases their forward thinking and commitment to doing their part to keep plastic out of the ocean.”

About the collection:

  • Made Responsibly with Seaflex, an exclusive blend of 12.5% recycled
    ocean-bound plastic and zero-waste Zogoflex
  • Safe & Non-Toxic: BPA Free, Phthalate Free, Latex Free,
    & FDA Compliant
  • Recyclable through Join the Loop®
  • Oceanworks® Guaranteed: Meets guidelines for source authenticity of ocean-bound recycled material supply chain transparency, and social and environment compliance
  • Tested for Toughness: using their Chew Squad and
    backed by our Love it Guarantee™

The toys

+ New Swirl technology means every toy color is as unique as a seashell.  

+ Floatable toys available in three colors and ocean Inspired texture: Surf, Emerald, and Hibiscus. 

Drifty - Built for Moderate chewers

  • Shaped like a real bone, great for fetch
  • Bulbous ends are great for chewing
  • Longer shape helps dogs grip while they chew
  • Available in two sizes: Small 5.75”x1.75” and Large 8.5”x2”
  • Small $12.95; Large $16.95 

Sailz - Built for Moderate chewers

  • Designed for interactive play, flies far and fast
  • Lightweight with comfort grip to throw further and straighter
  • Center grip hole helps dogs pick up the flyer while on the run
  • Available in one size: 8.5”x1”
  • $17.95

Snorkl - Built for Moderate chewers

  • Designed for interactive and bond forming tug play
  • Beneficial for high energy dogs
  • Tug toy for human & dog play or dog & dog play
  • Available in one size: 8.5”x7”
  • $17.95


+ Bowl and mat available in marine (blue), and sea fog (grey).

No-Slip Bowl

  • No-Slip & Quiet Feeding
  • Designed for easy pick up
  • Top rack dishwasher safe
  • Holds 4c kibble, 35 oz water
  • Dimensions: Interior diameter 6” outside diameter 7”
  • $29.95

Doggie Placemat 

  • No-Slip & Quiet feeding surface keeps messes contained
    and bowls in place
  • Top rack dishwasher safe or hand wash due to size
  • Dimensions: Length 21” x 5”
  • $39.95

Made Responsibly in Bozeman,Montana


Oceanworks is the global marketplace for recycled plastic materials and products. We are leading the effort to connect the global demand for sustainable materials with trusted suppliers.

What is Ocean-bound plastic?
Material collected from communities with no formal waste management within 50 km or 31 miles off the shore line. This terminology is in accordance with standards and research set by renowned marine debris expert, Jenna Jambeck.

Materials are deemed safe for direct food contact. These materials are also called food contact substances (FCS). An FCS is any material that comes into contact with    or is used for manufacturing, packing, packaging, transporting or holding food. 

West Paw’s Seaflex toys, bowls, and mats are one-hundred-percent recyclable through their Join the Loop infinite recycling program.

 A mark of European conformity means that it has been assessed and passed        environmental, safety and health requirements that the EEA has set in order for a product to be sold in the EEA.

All Seaflex products will be available at or at pet product retailers across the USA and CANADA.




West Paw is a family owned Bozeman, Montana-based company that sustainably manufactures eco-friendly dog toys, leashes, collars, and beds. Founded in 1996, West Paw products are sold in over 6,000 pet specialty stores across the US and distributed worldwide. West Paw is a certified B Corp, Montana’s first Benefit Corporation and a founding member of the Pet Sustainability Coalition.



Oceanworks® is a digital marketplace connecting local recycled plastic supply with global demand to keep plastic out of the ocean. The marketplace offers 100s of ocean and averted plastic resins, textiles, and products from trusted suppliers worldwide. The Oceanworks® Guarantee helps customers, brands and suppliers know they are part of a larger solution. Together we are building a circular economy. Our quality standards allow our customers to purchase with confidence and the capacity of our global network provides security at scale. Join us to help make a difference and sea plastic differently®. To learn more, visit