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Get Out and Play

Share the trail. Share the road. Whatever your adventure—share it with your dog.

Warmer weather means it's time to Get Out and Play. Whether that's camping trips or lounging around lakes, take Zogoflex® along on your next adventure with your dog. These go-anywhere canine companions float high, boldly bounce and are always up for some fetching fun. And humans who take the time to play with their dogs are rewarded with less stress and healthier circulatory system. So get out there . . . together!

Here are some dog-tested, owner-approved travel companions to inspire you and your dog to get fit and healthy while having fun


Tux Frozen Treat

1. Just Chill Out

Tux® is a great alternative for super hot days. Have a Tux-cicle just fill with liquid and freeze to create a cool treat. 

Tux Treat Recipes



Outings Treat Pouch Training Tool

2. Keep Treats Close

Our treat pouch makes any walk a training session. 

Outings Treat Pouch



Small Jive in a Ball Thrower

3. Save your strength on hot summer days

Small Jive® fits in standard ball throwers so you can toss them far for long-distance dogs.

Jive Ball Toy



Dog Swimming with Dog Toy

4. Keep canines cool

All of the Zogoflex® & Zogoflex Echo® toys float for refreshing water play. 

Zogoflex Dog Toys



Zisc Dog Disc

5. Hydrate in a hurry

Not only is Zisc® the ultimate high-flying dog disc; it doubles as a bowl for thirsty dogs.

Zisc Dog Disc



Glow in the Dark Frisbee

6. Share time under the starry skies

Zisc® comes in “glow” to stretch fetch sessions into the night. 

Zisc Glow in the Dark Disc