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Exercise tips for you and your dog

Photo by Hansolo_acd

Get Healthy with Your Best Friend

No. More. Excuses.

You know how we always say, "I'd exercise more if I had a friend to do it with"? Well, good news, your best furry friend is always available for some exercise. Not only are they available, but they're kinda dying on the inside for you to take them outside. And now you have no more excuses.

Because warmer weather means it's time to Get Out and Play. Whether that's camping trips or lounging around lakes, take Zogoflex along on your next adventure with your dog. These go-anywhere canine companions float high, boldly bounce and are always up for some fetching fun. And humans who take the time to play with their dogs are rewarded with less stress and healthier circulatory system. So get out there . . . together!

Here are some dog-tested, owner-approved travel companions to inspire you and your dog to get fit and healthy while having fun! If your dog loves water - take these toys to your local river or lake and toss 'em far. These dog toys float and come in easy-to-spot colors.

If it's too hot in the light of day to play fetch with your dog, wait til the sun goes down for the fun to come up. With a glow in the dark Zisc, you and your dog, will be able to spot it from dusk til dawn.

Like humans, dogs need extra hydration on hot days. So don't forget to bring some extra water for your dog too! No bowl? No problem! Flip a Zisc over and use it as a water (or food) bowl.

Summertime means more daytime for playtime. And interactive play is always more fun with Bumi. Bumi stretches to twice its length and floats in lakes, creeks, rivers, ponds and pools!