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Canine Cabin Fever

We’ve all been there; that copped-up, cramped feeling you get after being stuck in the house all winter long. Well, your dog likely feels that way, too. How can you tell if your dog has some of that dreaded canine cabin fever? Some of the most common signs include naughty behavior like inappropriate chewing or barking, dashing around the house chaotically, and lethargy.

If you’ve noticed your dog suffering from a case of cabin fever, now that warmer weather is here, you and your pup can get outside and have fun together. Studies show it’s good for both your and your dog’s health!

Safety Tips and Tricks

Before heading out, keep these safety tips top of mind that will make sure your pet stays safe, happy, and healthy:

      • Start gradually if your dog hasn’t been exercising regularly. Dogs, like humans, need to build up their fitness levels before tackling that long hike

      • Make sure that your dog is up to date with vaccinations

      • Be cautious of rocky and rough trails that can injure paws, your dog doesn’t have thick-soled hiking boots

      • Always carry doggy waste bags

#1 Take A Hike

Welcome spring by immersing yourself in it. Head out for a hike to enjoy the best of the season. While you’re soaking up the sights, your dog will be diving head-first into the smells. Hiking is excellent exercise and serves to build core and leg strength for both you and your dog. To pack light, bring a Zisc! This two-in-one high-flying disc toy can also be flipped over to make a great impromptu water dish!

#2 Splishin’ and Splashin’

Exercising in the sun for too long can be exhausting and dangerous. On those hotter days, head to the lake/river instead of the park. To get that much-needed play time in, bring along a Zogoflex®, or Zogoflex Echo® toy since they float, and come in bright colors making it easy to spot in water. *Travel tip: if you are driving to the waterfront, bring a Big Sky Blanket for you car seats. This machine washable blanket will help prevent the mud and water from getting on car seats.

#3 Spring Time Showers

Did the unpredictable spring weather rain on Fido’s parade? Don’t fret! Keep your pal entertained inside with Tux®, the interactive treat toy. This Zogoflex toy is great for stimulating your dog's mental health, and can be just as beneficial as a long walk.   

#4 Dining al Fresco 

If you have a nearby cafe or restaurant that allows dogs on their patios, spring is the perfect time to head out for a meal with your best friend. Pick a less-busy location or time if you haven’t dined out with your dog before to give him space to figure things out. Try a Strolls Tether Leash for easy handling. Don’t forget to bring along a Hurley chew toy to keep him occupied.


Bonus: Many pet-friendly restaurants offer a dog-approved menu, too.