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Activities to Do With Your Dog in Cold Weather

With the temps this week hovering around 0˚F, here in Montana we're no strangers to the cold. But no matter if the sun is shining or it's snowing or sleeting, we still need to take our dogs out for some exercise. It's no doubt that the freezing weather isn't exactly inspiring -- that's why colorful, durable dog toys can help motivate both you and your pup to get outside and let off a little steam.

Here are three of our favorite activities to do with your furry best friend during these cold winter months, and the best dog toys to go with them!

Zisc Glow - a glow in the dark dog frisbee

Get Glowing: Zisc® Glow is our high flying dog disc that glows in the dark so it's perfect for the shorter days of the year. Cool customer tip, if you're playing with Zisc Glow at the park and it's glow is fading, place the disc in front of a car headlight to re-charge!

Jive dog ball

Bury a Ball: Jive® and Boz® dog balls are brightly colored so they're easy to spot in the snow so dogs will have to search for it with scent.

Tizzi dog toy
Toppl treat toy for dogs

Challenge 'Em with Treat Toys: Tux®, Tizzi® and Toppl® are our super durable toys that can easily hide your dog's favorite treats. Stuff some inside and let 'em at it. These toys will mentally stimulate and entertain your dog on days when it's just too cold to play outside.