Greetings to our Canadian partners


We hope this finds you enjoying a happy and healthy holiday season. We are writing to inform you that beginning January 1st, 2022, West Paw will be adjusting how we fulfill our Love It Guarantee™ in Canada.


Due to high shipping costs, we will no longer be able to ship individual replacement toys or refund checks directly to Canadian consumers who have contacted us with a guarantee request. Rest assured, West Paw will continue to offer our Love It Guarantee:


"We guarantee every single one of our products. If you have a customer that is unhappy with the performance of our product, we’ll make it right and replace or refund them – one time per toy shape."


However, going forward we will direct any Canadian consumers to the retailer they purchased from and ask for your partnership in honoring the guarantee directly with your customer at your store location.


Here’s how it will work beginning January 1, 2022:

  1. Canadian consumer guarantee requests will be directed back to the retailer they purchased from to get a replacement toy or refund for their purchase. This will allow retailers the chance to suggest a more appropriate replacement toy and provide exceptional customer service with more immediacy.
  2. Retailers should then contact the West Paw Customer Experience team via email at Westpaw@Westpaw.comand give us a quick description of what toy was damaged (or refunded) and what toy replaced it.
  3. A credit will be added to your account for the refunded/replaced toy with the higher value.


Please note: If you are honoring the Love It Guarantee by shipping the replacement toy to your customer, please contact our Customer Experience team at We will help with any added shipping costs you might incur by replacing a damaged toy.


If you have any questions please email us or call 1-800-443-5567.


We are grateful for your support and patience through these changes.



Andy Wunsch

VP Sales & Marketing, West Paw