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Encourage Natural Feeding

Feeding Mats

Made with recycled ocean bound plastic.
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A feeding mat encourages hunting, sniffing and licking (a dog’s favorite things). Having a spread of food naturally slows them down and engages their brain! Your pup will love getting to munch on their food in their preferred order. It not only encourages exploration and enjoyment, but results in Healthier Digestion and eating habits.

Hungry Like the Wolf

Some pups are more in touch with their wild side than others, but every dog’s inner beast comes out when food is involved! HOW you feed your pup is important, encourage their wolf-like instincts at mealtimes.

Never Waste a Meal

Mealtimes are the perfect opportunity for training or enrichment! Enrichment comes in many different forms, but one of our favorites is natural feeding mats... it’s time to rethink the bowl!

Feeding Mat Benefits

  • Encourages Foraging
  • Stimulates Explorations
  • Promotes Licking and Sniffing
  • Provides Meal Control
  • Explore Food Preference
  • Healthier Digestion